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Rats 3 the crook of your neck Dumbo Rat t

Rats 3 the crook of your neck Dumbo Rat t


rats <3 the crook of your neck. Pet Rodents, Dumbo Rat,

rats <3 multilevel cages

a Dumbo rat :)

Like most rats, I've have been very concerned about the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. While I know what's happened to the people has been terrible, ...

Life goes on, even for rats, and although I miss having my Thelma-bear nestled in my lap or hood as I sit on the computer, her sisters are quickly learning ...

rats <3 peas. (via murinae.tumblr.com) Hooded Rat

June 18,2018

It had been a rough couple of weeks for poor Thelma; the craziness of visiting family over the holidays, losing her sister and cage-mate Penny, ...

rats <3 guitars. (Via Eff Yeah Rats). Pet Rodents,

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Awe wittle guy. Lauren Bundick · Dumbo Rats

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June 18,2018

This rat who took his look from subway drab to runway fab. | 17 Animals Who Look More Fab In Their Christmas Sweaters Than You Ever Will

They are often referred to as Double-Rex. These little guys should be housed with furred rats if possible. Their skin ...

rats <3 imitating the MGM lion. Pet Rodents, Dumbo Rat, Rat

Date of Death: January 12, 2006. Cause of Death: Two tumors and old age. Coloring/Markings: Beige and white blazed, banded, odd eyed, dumbo, velveteen

rats <3 knits. Pet Rodents, Floki, Fancy Rat, Cute Rats




The black and white one looks like my big boy chip More Black Rat ...

As you can see, it's a pretty tight knit family.



Fun Activities to Do with Your Rat | Pet Rats

Hamsters, Rodents, Dumbo Rat, Pet Rats, Little Critter, Funny Animals,


the girls napped for most of the day out on the couch and creme got really into it

She came to our home on January 23rd, 2010(from the same breeder as my older sisters Thelma and Penny) and got a private cage to herself the first two weeks ...

Blue Hooded Dumbo Rat ( Mila)

Cause of Death: Tumor that infected her urinary system and was moving to her lungs. She was PTS Coloring/Markings: Capped Agouti Hairless

Holy ...

rats <3 chocolate eggs Pet Rodents, Fancy Rat, Cute Rats, Gerbil

Pretty Things

The African Giant Pouch rat, Cricetomys gambianus, also known as the Gambian pouch rat. +3

Albus wants all the attention while Queso is a bit confused as to why I have

Cause of Death: Respiratory (?) Coloring/Markings: Lynx/Mink? Tri-colored Cap-Stripe markings, normal fur. From: Pet store (Hoffers)

Gas worker James Green with the rat found near Hackney Downs, east London. The. +3

Lil' Red

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Dumbo Rat Shirt Gift Rats - Men's T-Shirt

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GenieMadeYaLook. "

Hai tumblr :3


rats <3 dreamhouses. (via effyeahpetrats.tumblr.com) Pet Rodents

'Snakes kill rats and eat them': The 28-year-old pop


how to keep cats entertained

Dumbo Rat Shirt Gift Rats - Women's T-Shirt

Jumbo with his handler Matthew Scott (left) and children at the London Zoo in

Crook appreciation post, cuz who doesn't want to look at dat face

Retardant RETARTED 3 - Men's ...

dog barking


Man finds 4ft snake in his toilet in Essex

"Dumbo, caught obsessing about higher planetary CO2, did not leave any descendants"


OMG he has fruit on his head lol - @Heather Bock, you ever give

Ocean Sleeper

Dumbo & The Beach Bum Movie Review

Tim Burton directs the Disney reboot of Dumbo to be released in theaters March 29 2019

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Lil' Red

Retardation RETARTED 4 - Women's Tri-Blend V-Neck T

Poppa accepted a new job which I think should mean double the yogies and bananas for us but I don't think it will happen. Also Momma & Poppa went out for ...

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Mickey Mouse Works

'4ft monster rat' found by gas man on London housing estate is from GAMBIA | Daily Mail Online

People's ...

Banksy Rats


Since officially beginning my music history bl…

The Olive Press Newspaper - Issue 312 by Olive Press Newspaper Spain - issuu

If a magical mountain backdrop, golden fields, hay bales, epic tunes and watercolour skies hasn't sold you on Party in the Paddock, then the new and sparkly ...

Sleepy Kitten Covers His Eyes with His Paws


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I guess it is time for the 'floating belly up on the top of the water' trick."

US press booted from Vietnam hotel after North Korean officials 'flipped out'

She apparently still loves him and tells him that he's digging his own grave, but she just can't mentally can't take it anymore.

Could Over-Snacking While Pregnant Predispose Children to Be Obese?

... dead rat records ...