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Critical role Tumblr critical role Fandoms Dungeons Dragons

Critical role Tumblr critical role Fandoms Dungeons Dragons


critical role | Tumblr

Fan Art Gallery: Missing Pieces | Critical Role - Casey Bieda @sketchingsprw sketchingsparrow.tumblr.com

A Celebration of Fandom – Critical Role Fan Art Gallery

... Critical Role. boaillustration.tumblr.

I can't believe it took me this long to draw Yasha… #critical role#critical ...

Out of all the great moments of episode 30, this one stuck out to me the most. #critical role#fan ...

This isn't the sort of art I normally do, but I wanted a way to thank Taliesin for getting me into The Wicked and The Divine, and I remembered seeing people ...


new critical role got me LITERALLY ON FIRE I LOVE THEM SO MUCH

This week's episode of Critical Role gave me everything I didn't know I needed…So here's tiefling Beau! Beaufling?


I finally got around to do some Critical Role fanart. I've been wanting to draw this scene ever since it happened. Things sure would look different had it ...


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Ophelia Mardun. #my art#critical role#THE ...

REBLOG THIS POST if you wish to added to the Critical Role Roleplay Masterlist that is being created ( under some construction atm.. )

jununy — i drew….. the iconic mean girls dance ft mighty.

unsurprisingly I love Critical Role now!! No spoilers, I'm still just


I can't believe it took me this long to post some Critical Role art! School has been brutal lately.

Finished streaming for the night. This is what I did. Lady Kima and Clarota from C1 of Critical Role. I'm up to Episode 8 currently.

(99+) Tumblr. Find this Pin and more on Critical Role ...

They will save the world. Eventually. #critical role#critical ...

Top 10 Forbidden Bard Instruments™


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I'm loving the new season of critical role so far, the tavern interactions are so much fun <3. I hope Yasha joins them again soon!

How streaming Dungeons & Dragons shows inspire amazing fan works

My version of Mollymauk from critical role

Caitlin W Candy || @Cait_W_Candy || theartingace.tumblr.com

The Mighty Nein and their crew fled Darktow under penalty of death, and began their journey towards the Diver's Grave. They cast spells of water breathing ...

The mask under the mask

Yasha Nydoorin

image 0 ...

#yeah what i love kiri#critical role#critrole#fanart#art#drawing#digital art#digital drawing#kiri critical role#kiri#critical role kiri#yasha#jester ...

'Critical Role' Kickstarter Aims to Produce Animated D&D Special

Critical Role 50th Episode Fan Art Gallery

Eleonora Nascimbeni || @EleonoraNas

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entering the critical role fandom like

Fjord, however, remained focused on his mission. Beau moored their ship on one of the Gravid islands and the group descended once more into its murky ...

How They Want To Do This – A Look At The Critical Role Fanart Phenomenon

Want More CRITICAL ROLE? Dark Horse Comics Has You Covered

Geek & Sundry's Critical Role show release fandom art book – THE CHRONICLES OF EXANDRIA VOL. 1: THE TALE OF VOX MACHINA

It perhaps hurts the most that this relationship has been cut short. A good portion of the Critical Role fandom is shipping Molly and Caleb as well as Yasha ...

Fan Art Gallery: Missing Pieces | Critical Role - Casey Bieda @sketchingsprw sketchingsparrow.tumblr.com

The rise of D&D liveplay is changing how fans approach roleplaying

Noelle Stevenson & Amy T. Falcone Are Queering Up D&D With Their Kickass Butch Characters | Autostraddle

Critical Role Group Shot

Sexualized Saturdays: Critical Role and the Complexities of LGBTQ+ Representation

Critical Role Grog T Shirt


Threadspotting: Critical Role's Liam O'Brien Rolled a 20 for Fashion Initiative

Fan artists discuss why the wave of She-Ra fan art is subversive and uplifting

~the most executive of goths~ — Art Credit to Kawaii-Rookie on tumblr

Table-top role-playing has gone out of the basement and into streaming. These are the best ones.

Critical Role - Rakshasa by Darantha on DeviantArt

A still from the animated intro for "The Legend of Vox Machina". Part of what I love about Critical Role ...

How streaming Dungeons & Dragons shows inspire amazing fan works | SYFY WIRE

This 'Critical Role' Cosplayer Brought Mollymauk to Life In Stunning Detail

critical role cr nott the brave nott the goblin dnd dungeons and dragons dnd 5e dnd

by @theopteryx

Jul 1 Thanks, Keyleth: Ace Representation in Critical Role

... critical role | Tumblr Critical Role Campaign 2, Critical Role Fan Art, Dnd Characters ...

Web Video / Critical Role

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Critical Role Spotlight Episode 50 Posts Dd Beyond

My favourite highlight from the latest Critical Role episode (Season 2, Episode 11).

The Year's Most Popular Digital Celebrities And Web Series On Tumblr (Exclusive)

I: The Tale of Vox Machina, a whimsical art book compiled of fan art inspired by their Dungeons & Dragons series Critical Role.

... Critical Role Fan Art Gallery – In The Belly of the Beast | Geek and Sundry ...

I was dungeon delving with my best pal when we found this beautiful jeweled necklace. She thinks she should get to keep it because she disarmed the trap, ...


Critical Role art gallery + The Search for Grog live show in Los Angeles


Critical Role Full Panel | C2E2 | SYFY WIRE

(35) Tumblr

nott the goblin nott the brave critical role dnd dungeons and dragons fanart fan art goblin

... firbolg | Tumblr Critical Role Fan Art, Dungeons And Dragons, Vox Machina, Character ...

ғᴊᴏʀᴅ & ʙᴇᴀᴜ »»»»»»»»»»»»

I'm having a serious crush for this dudemancy. #critical role#critical

mollymauk, critical role campaign 2 by theopteryx.tumblr

#criticalrole hashtag on Twitter

Critical Role Recap C2e1 Curious Beginnings Project Derailed

Dungeon Master nail polish. Photo Credit: Dragonsworn Cosmetics

Critical Role By Steamforged Games Ltd Kickstarter

DCC Artist Preview: MJ Erickson

Critical Role Reaches $1.5 Million Stretch Goal in 2 hours

Critical Role: Vox Machine Origins Series II #1 cover

For a show about dungeons and dragons. I love it