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This literally happened to me last weekend lol Just For Laughs

This literally happened to me last weekend lol Just For Laughs


This literally happened to me last weekend!! lol

Happened last night lol. Literally Me, True Stories, Funny Texts, Real Talk, Just For Laughs,

this literally just happened to me yesterday at meijer... and it was the checkout girl.. also a complete stranger :/

This literally happened to me today, should have responded with this lol

literally laughed out loud lol

Andrew Schulz 👑HEZI on Twitter: "We found the dude that busted his nose!!! Get well soon brother. Attend my shows at your own risk.

Me irl

lol it's not gonna happen

Words that always get me: zucchini and recommend. (And literally, auto-correct just gave me "recondite" as the only correction option for my spelling of ...

my friends laugh at me when i tell them i lay on the floor of my room sometimes lol one time i took a nap on my floor don't judge me

accurate lol

literally made me laugh out loud. i remember watching the trailer for this and being like: "wtf just happened. that guy did NOT just catch freaking CAPTAIN ...

CAN'T STOP LAUGHING - The funniest compilation ever made !


literally Just Laugh & Go🦎 (@tequillaspams) Recent Photos and Videos. This finna be me ...

Laughing until it hurts and you can not breathe

"'uuuuh stop complaining', like I was just laughing calm down LOL" @ningioupic.twitter.com/RqC4ngpFZf

... me it doesn't make sense that making the eyes look bigger and wider is exclusively an Asian thing - We don't naturally look like this which is why Asian ...

lol last night So me. I Love To Laugh, Funny Pins, Funny Memes, Jokes, Hilarious, Funny

Warner Bros. Monday Final Weekend ...

Lol gives me anxiety when I put it in the wrong ear

'I fell out of bed laughing': writers on their favourite funny book | Books | The Guardian

Mama Sihle on Twitter: "Lol did you Google the address? I'm just laughing how a monied club can hire a gmail lawyer 😂… "

/dev: Removing Cheaters from LoL – League of Legends

image of a classical painting representing sleep paralysis

Hehehe | The New Yorker

Laugh and the World Laughs With You. Type 'Ha,' Not So Much. - The New York Times

this is just a collage of my old version of Revenge (the art of revenge

my childhood in this in pic lol

I was scrolling through my feed the other day when the ol' “kill yourself” meme popped up. You know the one — that old white dude with slicked hair and ...

Illustration for article titled Chat Lingo Showdown: “haha” vs. “lol”

Brenna in Prague

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Illustration by Leon Edler of a man laughing his head off reading a book.

The James Charles/Tati Westbrook Drama Just Got Even Messier After Screenshots Were Posted On

Lady Gaga Will Never Be the Same After 'A Star Is Born'

Whitney Cummings | This Past Weekend #108


Brenna in Prague 2

Keitumetse 😊

Bride and groom at a wedding

Do you ever get so fed up with all the toys lying around that you threaten

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Let's be honest: people don't know when or how to use cry laughing emoji

20th Century Fox

beautiful baby

If You Can Make It Through These 29 Jokes Without Laughing, You Have No Soul

Fedloan Servicing

Order a copy of my book, IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO SLEEP TRAIN, for more advice that will leave both you and your children sleeping through the night .

Hahaha vs. Hehehe

... then you get this reaction and it makes you feel so proud. Thank you to everyone who came out to see us at @galwaycomedy. We LOVED it!

Patch 9.4 Notes

... that comedy writer hopefuls follow humor editors on social media, hoping to glimpse what tickles their funny bones. Of course, the only evidence I have ...

fidonews newsletter

Adults are innocently, but hilariously, confusing the laughing and crying emojis

Drawing a blank in the brain is frustrating when you have work to do or something

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How the fantasy of Peter Pan turned sinister

Baby Don't Hurt Me: Stories and Scars from Saturday Night Live by [

The ambiguous ending of Alan Moore and Brain Bolland's Killing Joke, in which the Batman and Joker famously share a laugh and some hearty back-slapping, ...

Last Man Standing EP Laments That 'Unfortunate' Cast Departure

Amazon.com: Weekend At Bernie's: Catherine Stewart, Andrew McCarthy, Jonathan Silverman, Terry Kiser, Don Calfa, Timothy Paul Perez, Dan Cox, George Cheung, ...

Grieving the Death of a Spouse or Significant Other

End the War on 'Baby, It's Cold Outside'! It's Feminist — Really


The Sweat app was created by Australian fitness star Kayla Itsines, after the runaway success of her BBG (Bikini Body Guide) cult program (which inspired ...

Lies You Never Told Me by Jennifer Donaldson, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®


#baomn hashtag on Twitter

... stuck thoughts that cause great distress. They seem to come from out of nowhere, arrive with a whoosh, and cause a great deal of anxiety. The content of ...

This last one isn't actually game-related, but it made me laugh so hard I snorted tea up the back of my nose and felt much lulz-induced pain and sadness, ...

Last Knight on Earth: Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo on their final Batman story


I Tried Three Workout Apps, and Here's What Happened


Chevy Chase Says 'Saturday Night Live' Is 'Worst' Humor In the World – Variety

How Peddlers of 'Food-Grade' Hydrogen Peroxide Exploit the Sick and the Desperate

I used all the best stuff for a week and it nearly broke me


170 LOL-Worthy Jokes About Marriage That Are Perfect For a Wedding

Celebrate Golden Week with Savings Up to 65%

For some reason that is an easy thing for me to remember, but if you ever forget you can just remember that “frass is from the ass” — LOL.

How to Use Lol

How to Make the Narcissist Powerless to Affect Your Life | Melanie Tonia Evans

Jim Young / Reuters

#LMAO #beyhive #mellennial #mellenials #LOL #BRITVIDEOLITTLEMIX #BRITVIDEOLITTLEMIXpic.twitter.com/VMuNJKvNOJ