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There is rarely a catastrophic mistake that can be tweaked to taste

There is rarely a catastrophic mistake that can be tweaked to taste


There is rarely a catastrophic mistake that can be tweaked to taste. With that in mind, next time yo... - Shutterstock

How we consume culture has evolved, but our tastes haven't

Video analysis and scene replication suggests that Al Gore's Climate Reality Project fabricated their Climate 101

One person was killed and 19 injured when a car was deliberately accelerated into a crowd of counter-protesters during a white nationalist rally at ...


TWO days after he ceased to be President Donald Trump's chief strategist, Steve Bannon explained why he had welcomed The Economist to his house on Capitol ...

It's the last flight out, the passenger says, and the family has no place to go. “At this point, you guys are on your own,” ...

Around 50 members and guests from the four D9780 Group 7 clubs heard reports from each of the Presidents last Thursday. As always, it is great to hear about ...

There is rarely a catastrophic mistake that can be tweaked to taste. With that in mind, next time yo... - Shutterstock | Prime | Cooking tips, ...

A breath of fresh air

Our new meeting chair for May is PP Mallee Rowe, and he obviously enjoyed his time fining members for their indiscrepancies last week!

ESL Poster on Door

My biggest mistake? Drinking too much - JD Wetherspoon founder

Club committees met last Thursday to plan projects for the coming month or so - there are still many things to get through before this Rotary year ends.

... beside the chancellery buildings that fund it—is a happy city indeed, for it can boast a progressive intellectual hub, a cultural engine spitting with .

Bullshit Jobs

Band Aid 30: clumsy, patronising and wrong in so many ways

... singularization of immigrants, for their quest for recognition, and so it indicates in turn their particular citizenship in the public space of Europe.

Rotarian Murray provided us with some background and proposed a toast the the Rotary Club of Cape Town in South Africa last Thursday.

Coming back from Oaxaca, I've started ...

A large attendance of members and guests was enthralled by Detective Sergeant Andrea Turner last Thursday as she spoke about the challenge of Family ...

Whether it was ruled by an aging emperor, Soviet-backed army officers or former rebels, Ethiopia was rarely a place where you could criticize leaders so ...

THE chancellor's helicopter swoops in over Kühlungsborn, a Wilhelmine resort on Germany's Baltic coast. In the beach-front Concert Garden her face, ...

When Salon/Spa Owners Say, “My Employees Would Never Go for That”

WHEN he was running for the presidency, Donald Trump described the agreement that constrained Iran's nuclear ambitions in return for the relief of sanctions ...

Barbara Ehrenreich

Large image on homepages


Filmmaker Tamara Jenkins and Her New Film “Private Life” on the Next Fresh Air – Today at 4 pm

Jay Hunt: Five years at 4


It Gets Easier: A Short Tale of Comical Catastrophe

India's ...

Why Salon/Spa Owners Wait Too Long to Take Action

Election Live - 8 April

'We will never allow foreign bureaucrats to trample on your Second Amendment freedom': Trump tells the NRA he is pulling out of the.

Meet The Texas Presidential Elector Who Might Not Vote for Trump

Sascha never saw the accident. He didn't see me tumble across the road while his Street Glide turned into scrap metal. He didn't see me roll with the scrap ...

As a huge "Itchy Witchy" fan, I was dying to read The Turn. First, there was the cover lust. Can you believe how awesome this cover is?

A “Thought Leader” is someone who is more than simply an expert. It is someone who is an “expert among experts” within a particular industry.

Congratulations, GOP! ||| Pool/ABACA/Newscom

Transreal Books, Los Gatos, California.

... differentiated populations ...

There never seems to be enough hours in the day recently, do you feel like that sometimes?

10 Everyday Ways Your Child Can Explore Through Movement and Play (even when it's hot outside)

Mark ...

Photo by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

I'm talking about this “she”, who I thought you were referring to: ...

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Lucas: Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the AI Alignment Podcast. I'm Lucas Perry, and today we'll be speaking with Andrés Gomez Emilsson and Mike Johnson ...

Ilhan Omar's “Tropes” Are True

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich drew a great deal of attention in the CNN National Security


I never wanted to be without her. Half-jokingly, I started calling her my security blanket. In October, I took my first Rolling Stone assignment since the ...

The Road

HORST SCHULZE knew from the time he was eleven years old that he wanted to work in a hotel. It was at the end of his first apprenticeship in an assigned ...

Ontario pilot project puts universal basic income to the test | World news | The Guardian

If everybody around you is saying “Everything is awesome!”, it can take a long time to determine for yourself that things in fact aren't:

The church isn't even biblical, is it?

avatar for Josuel Plasencia

The Souvenir: A Review

Xi will be pushed to make good on his China Dream | South China Morning Post

Did you know that robots can now 'taste' as humans do? We do now, thanks to Victoria Honours student Michael Pearson.

VICE-PRESIDENTS rarely wield real power. Presidential candidates pick them as running mates to broaden their appeal to voters, or to butter up allies.



India's ...

Terrorism just isn't as big a problem as the-sky-is-falling neocons would have us believe. And it certainly is not a big enough threat to flush our civil ...

There are still some signed copies left at Barnes & Noble that would make beautiful gifts. Thank you so much for being part of The Hands Free Revolution!

FBI Mayberry Machiavellians: CIA globalists dirty games against Sanders and Trump

As the Senate took aim this summer at private equity firms, dragging hedge fund managers and other Masters of the Universe to the Hill to explain why, ...

Last Night's Jeopardy! Was the Most Watched in 14 Years Last night was James Holzhauer's most-watched episode.

The End is Near for Faith in AGW

... her entertaining account of her recent 800km walk along the Camino Trail in Spain. She might have completed the "Chardonnay" version, but it was still a ...

THERE WAS A TIME when AOL was how most Americans got online. Co-founded by Steve Case, American Online at its peak handled nearly half of U.S. Internet ...

How do you take half a decade's worth of critical and commercial success and flush it down the toilet? Easy – you release a device like the Sega 32X.

... training load/recovery bits in later sections of this review. Let's shift back to some more watch basics pieces first. Being an activity tracker, it'll ...


The gender studies fakery doesn't help – it hinders (and it's meant to)

Annie Lennox of the Eurythmics performs at the Palace in Hollywood, California, in 1983

I'm sure it doesn't become anyone, but it really doesn't become me. I was supposed to be somebody by now, and by that I mean somebody other than ...

... scolded rebellious Italian voters who are fed up with European Union bureaucrats and European Central bankers dominating their country. “The market will ...

The electronic band Kraftwerk performs in 2016.

'AI won't outstrip mankind that soon,' Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg tells China Development Forum | South China Morning Post


Dream Jobs 2012: Designing Automation for Acrobats

Here is My Background:

The knowledge illusion is primarily a metacognitive and evolutionary artifact. This actually follows as an empirical consequence of the cornerstone ...

Observatorio del Teide,Tenerife (1977)

Russiagate -- the attempt to entrap Trump with Russia ties by CIA, FBI, MI6 and Clinton mafia

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