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The Next Economic Crisis and the Looming PostMultipolar System

The Next Economic Crisis and the Looming PostMultipolar System


The Impending Crisis

The low interest rates and high levels of national debt mean that the next big crisis will not be simply “more of the same.” It will fundamentally rearrange ...

The Next Economic Crisis And The Looming Post-Multipolar System | Zero Hedge

However, is the apparent multi-polar system of today any more viable than the one which appeared to emerge after 1945?

The Next Economic Crisis and the Looming Post-Multipolar System (Video)

The Vineyard of the Saker

The Next Economic Crisis and the Looming Post-Multipolar System | The Vineyard of the Saker

The Next Economic Crisis and the Looming Post-Multipolar System

Rather, we can expect a gradual merger of the two. When it comes to the US and the EU, the situation is slightly more complicated.

Rubino: The Terrifying Truth About Negative Interest Rates

2019 Orthodox Calendar

April Q&A: Oil Prices And US Support To Radical Groups

Is The Pain Over: Buybacks Set To Soar As 48% Of S&P Exits "Blackout Window" | Madhouse News

Ratio of Core Debt Growth (non-financial debt including governmental debt) to GDP, based on data of the Bank of International Settlements.

The Dis-United Arab Emirates

In what is still a low-interest-rate environment globally, the perpetual search for yield has found a comparatively new and attractive source in the guise ...

ISM ...

Community Cooperative

Asteroids, War, Economic Collapse! Is the World Heading for Imminent Disaster?


Law's Looming Skills Crisis Forbes - 06:56 AM ET May 21, ...


... looks to tourism to ease economic crisis. Arkansas Online - 02:48 AM ET May 18, ...

And Canadian bond yields are tumbling…

Rethink India's Belt and Road Options

The Next Economic Crisis and the Prospects of a Post-Multipolar System - 21st Century Wire

Our friends at SouthFront need our help again!

The Whole Game is About Containing Russia-China

#CHINA 30 Comments - 09.05.2019

…remained optimistic and as we discussed yesterday , suggested that the market, which has become “paranoid” after failing to spot the 2008 financial crisis, ...

Hell & Israel: Après Lavrov le deluge

The Next Economic Crisis and the Looming Post-Multipolar System | Astute News | Mainstream media, Middle East, The middle


Figure 8 suggests that the benefits of these activities with respect to the “goods and services” portion of the economy (red line) were slight at best, ...

US Military



Srebrenica And Jasenovac: The Genuine Difference Between A Phony And Real Genocide

The Japanification of the World

... as Cuba Braces for Economic Impact From Venezuela Crisis TIME.com - 08:29 AM ET May 16, ...

Financial Markets To Federal Reserve: Time To Start Cutting Rates


The Trump-volution Explained In 4 Macro Charts

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Loonie Tumbles As Bank Of Canada Capitulates

Figure showing collapsing debt bubble at the time US oil prices peaked. Figure also shows the use of Quantitative Easing (QE) to stimulate the economy, ...


This measure of market breadth has rapidly declined by 5 pp during the past 12 months (11th percentile since 1985), similar to episodes in 2016 and 2007.

Bill Blain: "Xi Is In Much More Trouble Than We Think"

The Four Horsemen Of Economic Apocalypse Are Here

Economy 7 Comments - 03.05.2019

Tulsi Gabbard on the US seeking a pretext to go to war with Iran

Economic Integration Unit: The Six Stages of Economic Integration

Five Financial Uncertainties of 2018 (So Far)

China energy production by fuel plus its total energy consumption, based on BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2018 data. The difference between the ...

Financial War

Americans Haven't Been This Confident In The Current Economy Since 2000

#Binance Podcast Ep 2 - Blockchain leading Africa in the 4th industrial revolution

#RUSSIA 10 Comments - 18.04.2019

As the blackout period rolls off for more companies, especially those with large buyback programs, the pace of buybacks will ramp up sharply.


Italian Yields Jump As Salvini Threatens To Crash Government

Battle of Titans: Showdown Looming between Donald Trump & US Central Bank

But in yet another potential scandal, Northam claimed that he hasn't discussed the tax break with Amazon executives and that he didn't select that area as ...

How Russia are defending themselves from the US Empire

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Economic Collapse Warning! $222 Trillion Dollar True Size Of Government Debt & Stock Market CRASH ...

... The Next Us Economic Crisis: Wall Street VIPs Have Next Huge Crisis On The Mind

That Escalated Quickly: The Emerging Market Currency Crisis Of 2018 Threatens To Destabilize The Entire Global Financial System


Financial English Vocabulary - Global Economic Crisis

... interest rates have led to a boom in asset prices at the expense of the real economy. This has created the most lop-sided income distortion since 1929.

To be sure, the buyback blackout period has been the subject of intense focus in recent weeks. For example, as Deutsche Bank shows the frequency of Google ...


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Full Spectrum Economic War has replaced Trade War

Economic Collapse Is Coming! 21 Percent Unemployment 10 Percent Inflation & Negative Economic Growth ...

... failed Amazon deal, New York revisits 'corrupt system of economic development' Lohud - 15:59 PM ET May 20, ...

The reversal is the result of just one bank: Bank of China, which for many years held more net assets in dollars than any other Chinese lender, ...

... The Next Us Economic Crisis: The Source Of The Next Financial Crisis From A Trader's

To make it palatable, the measure could be packaged as a way to rationalize welfare systems by reducing frictions and administration costs.

Richard D. Wolff 🔴 Global Economic Crisis Has Begun In 19th April 2019?

The Fed Has Given Up: Get Ready for More QE

Palestinian Economic Development Under Zionist Settler Colonialism

China's credit card debt is part of “consumption loans,” which comprises 14 percent of total household debt, and is now the fastest growing component.

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