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Punish to reform and not cripple Corporate Governance

Punish to reform and not cripple Corporate Governance


The Guardian view on corporate governance reform: be stronger, not weaker

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The Tory blueprint: fund a cruel system, not the disabled people it punishes

... of a small quantity of cannabis for personal use may be considered in a different light by Indian courts, leading to a lighter punishment or fine.

Disclose More Information. “




Nissan, Olympus and fixing Japan Inc. governance

Paying for Punishment

Figure 5

... effective way of ensuring their children's proper development, and 27% thought that children will be derailed if parents do not use physical punishment.

Federal government of the United States's whistleblower awareness poster

At the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice in May 2018, Olivia Rope, PRI's Policy and Programme Manager, called on the UN and its member ...

Remodel their Corporate Structure


Corporate governance in Chinese firms

Punish and Reform the EPA

... the percentage is still very high at some places and that the campaigns should go on to make people aware of negative consequences of such punishment.

Political elites and corporate governance

Corporal Punishment in Schools - Longitudinal Evidence from Ethiopia, India, Peru and Viet Nam

Those rulings left Utah — whose state government is notoriously dominated by its agricultural industry — without its most menacing weapon to punish people ...

Ghosn scandal unmasks Nissan's lack of governance

A worker at a retail shop in Shenzhen promotes Huawei 5G products. Photo: AP

We must stop punishing children for a disadvantaged start in life

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Figure 9

Bernie Sanders on corporate school reform


[photo: President Donald Trump speaks at podium flanked by law enforcement officers and politicians

Willamette Week Willamette Week

Save is Disabled


More like punishing scapegoats

Chart to accompany Moore article of Jan. 14, 2019.

Ideas for Australia: Welfare reform needs to be about improving well-being, not punishing the poor

Real criminal justice reform now

Electing bad leaders in Ukraine: how to break the vicious cycle #UAreforms |Euromaidan Press |

Jeff Sessions Civil Rights March

Britain's Widening Wealth Inequality Demands Sweeping Reform, Report Says

Delhi gang rape: Nirbhaya case should be is a catalyst for reform and not just 'change'

Tax 'Reform': Have Americans Finally Wised Up?

Corporate profits are at record highs, the unemployment rate is at a 17-year low and the stock market has quadrupled in value since its Recession-era nadir ...

Publish now - it's free

Benefit sanctions are punishing disabled people for the sake of it

Offender in Community Payback vest

General Editor

Prisons reform speech

Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party MLC Robert Borsak today hit back at the New South Wales Government's botched response to the Greyhound Racing Industry ...

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... handsomely as #India chooses 5 more years of a Govt that has delivered NOT the economic reforms it promised in 2014 but a steady slide towards fascism.

We must strive to usher in Ram Rajya where there is no bhaya (fear) , bhook (hunger), bedh bhav (discrimination), brasthachar (corruption) aur atyaachar ...

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Pope Francis shakes hands with an inmate as he meets with prison

The reversal of the initial CPS decision has been hailed as a victory for the rights of victims to review the prosecution service's rulings, ...

Almost 500 people are facing punishment following an investigation into a scientific paper scandal. Photo

A tasty recipe for prison reform: Too many crooks don't spoil the broth at Kerala jails

And given that they took nothing of commercial value, why would they be prosecuted for felony theft charges that, aggregated, carry a possible punishment of ...

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Bogus insurance claims: Compo culture and scams escaping punishment in the courts system

Cambridge Analytica's parent company helped shape Saudi Arabia's reform movement

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... and ensure taxpayer dollars are not being abused. Other states that have implemented Medicaid recipient audits found considerable fraud.

The Spectator

'This Dangerous Drug of Violence': Bernard Bosanquet's Common Good Theory of Punishment

Death penalty 4.

Why Do We Ignore Those With

PM Says Government is Against Corporal Punishment in Schools and Society

Public Sentinel: News Media and Governance Reform by World Bank Publications - issuu

Prison is punishment enough. But in the US, inmates also face violence and humiliation

... and corruption was not rampant at the time hence limited investment in law enforcement infrastructure that was made then did not become a huge issue.

Initial challenges included finding credible surveyors in each of the districts constituting the sample and, given the precision of the sample, ...

SSB 1261 status: passed Senate Government Oversight subcommittee

Another study examines the effect poor infrastructure has on efficiency (for example, poorly constructed highways, congested airports with antiquated air ...

Figure 10.7 Measuring Corporate Social Performance

American Prison: A Reporter's Undercover Journey Into the Business of Punishment

Ben Notterman @NottermanBen

Olympus cancels $88m bond float as stock drops

Sanctions are often said to be “targeted”. In practice, however, they

Grading Trudeau on justice reform

... UNODC South Asia on the International Anti Corruption Day, South Asia's leading changemakers--cutting across spheres of politics, business, governance, ...

US should not sanction India over defence deal with Russia: American lawmakers

Title: A critical evaluation of the role of punishment in the classroom

The fieldwork for the survey began in July 2017 with a deadline of one month, but the rigidity of the sample and the breadth of the questions meant that it ...

In his first written account of the ordeal, the former corporate investigator looks back on 23 harrowing months in Chinese jail

StrategicRISK Europe Q4 now live: the power is in our hands

... G. A. Cohen did not want to be like Leonard Cohen ...


Matt Taibbi, The Stupidest Law Ever, Issue 1180

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... Sanders's nasty habit of not standing up for anyone whose interests clash with his target voter (to put it mildly): the notional or actual working class ...

In terms of accelerating growth rates, enacting effective structural reforms — sanctions are sapping the country of these possibilities.”

It is not coincidental that something similar appears to be at play when it comes to the judiciary. Over the past decade, ever since the era of former chief ...