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One of six German armoured trains used during the invasion of the

One of six German armoured trains used during the invasion of the


WWII Pictures

Soviet armoured train pictured after capture by German forces following a bomb strike on the locomotive's tender during WWII

An armoured train, and possibly Armoured Train D which is known to have patrolled the North Cornwall line, seen here a long way from Cornwall at North ...

One of six German armoured trains, used during the invasion of the Netherlands. This one crashed into a Dutch "asparagus obstacle" at Mill, May 1940.

A 6-pounder wagon from one of these trains is preserved at the Tank Museum. A miniature armoured train ran on the 15-inch gauge Romney Hythe and Dymchurch ...

Polish Armoured Train, The Brave at ...

The crew of armored train Boruta in 1919, during the Polish-Soviet War

The 'Hurban' Armoured train located in Zvolen, Slovakia. It is not the original, but a replica used in a film. Only two preserved original cars exist; ...


Polish Armoured Train in action

This example is mostly boxcars ...

Artillery wagon, used in Polish armored trains "Śmiały" and "Piłsudczyk" (before 1939)

The Soviet military greatly valued the MBV-2 and the trains were frequently fitted with different types of guns. German armoured trains of World War II were ...

A Remarkable Armored Train Fought Its Way Across Eurasia. '

These were improvised examples though, and hardly as impressive or powerful as what the Soviets were building by that point.

Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch armoured train, October 1940


In World War I one of the armored trains used by the Russian Army were the Zaamurets. These were self-propelled rail cars equipped with 57mm cannons and ...


One of the most interesting was “Hairy Mary”, a locomotive draped in 6” thick ropes to protect the crew from small arm's ...

An Austro-Hungarian armoured train from 1915

This armoured train, intended to keep Soviet VIPs safe during WWII, is now retired in the Railway Museum in Warsaw.

Japan Used Armored Trains, Bombers and Tanks to Seize Part of the Great Wall of China

ABSTRACT. In common with much of the ...

A Russian WW II-era armoured train with antiaircraft gunners

... a locomotive draped in 6” thick ropes to protect the crew from small arm's fire. The early examples used second hand guns, many of them muzzle-loaders, ...

Antiaircraft gun of the Armored Train Terek. The Baikal is to the left. This photo was likely taken at the Russian Armored Train base at Khankala, Chechnya.

When World War II began, the Soviet Union had a lot of armoured trains, but many of these were destroyed or damaged when the Germans invaded in 1941.

Russian Civil War armored trains

Full-sized image #1 of the Krupp K5 (Anzio Annie) Heavy-

Polish troops in armoured train UK 1941 IWM H 7034.jpg

A TKS tankette used as an armoured reconnaissance draisine, an attempt to overcome one of

Polish Armoured Train

The Zaamurets in Manchuia. Public domain photo

75 years ago, Hitler invaded Poland. Here's how it happened.

The Soviet Union had a large number of armoured trains (pictured) at the start

BP-42 Armoured Train, Wehrmacht 1943

A weapon thought by many to belong to military museums is making a return to active anti-insurgency operations in the North Caucasus: the armored train.

Kokand Steam Loco

This Is the Story of a U.S. Soldier Who Fought World War II in His Tank

Both the Soviet Union and Germany used armoured trains during the initial stages of the German

Armored Train During the ...

World War II: Operation Barbarossa

Panzerzug , Panzer 38T

How the German military acts as a deterrent in Lithuania – to the delight of the population

A joint special exercise of logistic supply units of Belarus and Russia in August 2017. (Russian Ministry of Defense)

U.S. and German Field Artillery in World War II: A Comparison

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The battle of Moscow, 1942. The German invasion of the Soviet Union, launched

German Pz. IV (foreground) and Pz. III (background) tanks,

The Great Panjandrum at Westward Ho!, an abortive attempt at beach clearing.

A Challenger 2 during ...

PICTURE: One of the old buildings of Frediksberg (later Pasila) Engineering Works. The buildings of this Engineering Works basically cover a whole city ...

Armoured Trains Estonia


NATO Would Be Totally Outmatched In A Conventional War With Russia | HuffPost

Members of the German army prepare to unload Marder military vehicles at the Sestokai railway station, about 109 miles west of the capital Vilnius, ...

80cm super heavy railway gun 'Schwerer Gustav', as used during the siege of

Title Cover Preview Mortons Books Preview

The armored train of Mtsensk

... and used two of the PVO-4 AA car. with two 37mm guns each, as the need for heavy air-defense was apparent. The locomotive was still the 'O' series, ...

Some specialized Soviet armoured trains were equipped for anti-aircraft duties. This MBV -2 armoured trains from World War II can be viewed at a tank museum ...

The German invasion of France, May 1940; from The Second World War: Triumph

Nazi Germany's King Tiger Tank : Super Weapon or Super Myth?

The strange tanks that helped win D-Day

A recent competition hosted in part by the U.S. Army and designed to test core tank crew skills saw European crews take the top honors, while crews from the ...

Assault wagon from armoured train Nr. 55, captured by the Germans.

Armored Train Baikal © Photo: otvaga2004.ru

Formerly Southern Railway No.2 she was one of three identical machines which began life as SR Nos.1 - 3 in 1937. Built at Ashford, they used Hawthorn ...

0-8-0 Armoured Russian locomotive class O Ov 5067 at the Central Armed Forces Museum, Moscow

An overturned Polish C2P tracked tractor being passed by German trucks, probably during the Invasion of Poland. Source: Bronson, British Collectors of Arms ...

French mobile artillery battery (1914)

Weapons on Land - Tanks and Armoured Vehicles | Canada and the First World War

Zaamurets in the hands of the Czech Legion. Public domain photo

PICTURE: Map showing railways of Finland in 1918. CLICK THUMBNAIL TO SEE LARGER PIC (130 KB). First time armoured trains were used ...

The German army in the east (Ostheer) had taken a beating during Barbarossa in part but even worse during the Soviet winter counter-offensives beginning in ...

7 Clever Innovations Used on D-Day

arty_1 Right. At the ...

Image 1

Polish Armoured Train in action

German mechanized troops rest at Stariza, Russia on November 21, 1941, only just evacuated by the Russians, before continuing the fight for Kiev.

... a few more were built in Russia, although rather basic in design.


The armoured vehicle was swiped from a motorsport training ground nearby

One of two artillery wagons of the same type of Nr.55 armoured train, no. 630 728, photographed by the Soviets after its capture, in a Polish late ...

German invasion of Western Europe and the Fall of France, 1940

Axis WWII Discussion Group: German Armored Train in French film

A Nazi War Train Hauled the Biggest Gun Ever Made – War Is Boring – Medium

A model of Dora, Kupp's second Heavy Gustav. Darkone photo via Wikimedia

74 years ago, US troops got their first foothold in Nazi Germany — here are 8 photos of the Battle for Remagen