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OMG so very true just try to crop my damned logo out of that photo

OMG so very true just try to crop my damned logo out of that photo


OMG; so very true; just try to crop my damned logo out of that

Liveblogging the New Beyoncé Album with Kitty Pryde

The HODINKEE Shop will stores all customers paperwork digitally so there is no risk of loss.

MJ: That was sort of my next question: do you think your mindset is related to the fact that most of your work has a commercial element to it, that someone ...

MediaDamn true ...


Fifty Shades Grey

A "dumpster fire" T-shirt from Zazzle, plus headlines from The Philly

The Internet's Best List of Clichés

IFH 240: How to Work the Film & Television Markets with Heather Hale

RDRBack To Where The Hype All Started.

Your Rainforest Mind — The Book — Click on the image to buy my book!

Disabled Elderly Veterans

It's a give and take, but most times bands are really cool with you just doing your thing.

... are what give cleansers their satisfying foamy lather, they're also one of the worst things you could use on your skin—especially if it's broken out .

New Bosses Meet the Old Bosses at Warner Records HQ

Ryan Seacrest Sexual Abuse

My dear friend Rachel gave me this Emily McDowell mug for Christmas and I've

HostGator To SiteGround Migration

indictments, murder for hire, fraud

Launching the HODINKEE Shop as one of the first authorized retailers online was a decision that I, frankly, never thought we would have the opportunity to ...


You can see the family jewels [in the sonogram] yourself," Rachel jokes. "We wanted a girl. I told [my son] Franklin [the baby] could always be a Caitlyn."

Carbon soot may be driving the expansion of the tropics - not CO2

Democrats Hope the FBI Investigation Will Sink Brett Kavanaugh — but Such Probes Are Inherently Limited

The HODINKEE Magazine was launched in fall of 2017, and was produced entirely in-house.

... true climate sensitivity, turning a non-problem into a wolf-criers' crisis. To assist in grasping the beauty of his brief but devastating argument, Fig.


Is she interested in a relationship?

I always knew most of my insecurities came from the dissatisfaction with the way a look, but I also learned very early on that not feeling pretty does not ...

Paranormal Disruption is a startup satire in a haunted reality. An upcoming web series written and starring Nikita Redkar, Paranormal Disruption is a ...

To read more stories, visit: Hello Lumen Series

OtakuAThon Announcement (+ My TBR)

Nushrat D.

A member of Huawei's reception staff walks in front of a large screen displaying the logo

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ImageOnly ...

Roger Cicala investigates Canon's AF marketing claims: Digital Photography Review

Abaddon X: celebrating 10 years in style

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Jeopardy 54

It's in Italian, but it goes pretty much like this: “Please don't leave, here for you 2 months for free if you stick with us please please please”.

Reduced Load Times With SiteGround

There's ...

More by Ariana Grande

100% Crop Sony 5n & 70-200 Canon still image without using the Speed

I got my friend to start watching, just received this little gem from him today : westworld


One of my main qualms with post processing is the color fads. These could be tonal, selective color (more on him later) or any et cetera.


Another comparison can be made by calculating the average annual temperatures and plotting these in Excel to get linear trends.

Evidence that humans are responsible for global warming hits 'gold standard' certainty level | Watts Up With That?

cool brother // issue four: the bad stuff

eminem 50 greatest songs marshall mathers

... eye products and so far I've been impressed with all of them. They sent me their Ultimate Lip Tint Duo gift set to try out, and I think it's a winner!

BEYONCÉ (2013)

Here are a couple pages of the book, laid out on my computer! FANCY

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 07.38.06

HODINKEE began as a personal adventure into watchmaking. It has expanded to be among the finest platforms for watch knowledge – both old and new – in the ...

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EPA Images

Fix Time Machine When Stuck on

I got my friend to start watching, just received this little gem from him today ...

altobelli statement oh my godness damnit damn gift - Men's Jersey T

Cassette Covers

Taser Lobbyist Quietly Appointed to Top Immigration Enforcement Job

Fortnite Battle Royale

My caring stops if you've crossed the asshole line

Kanye West Addresses Tristan Thompson's Cheating Rumors On His New Album & OMG

American Film Market, AFM, Johnathan Wolf, Film market, film distribution, distribber

based on the number of cases of vCJD an epidemic of biblical proportions was going to sweep the UK. When the numbers ceased to match the models the leaders ...

100 Perfect Score On SiteGround

EU aims to put speed limit technology in cars


Pages from Howard Zinn's Voices of a People's History of the United States (1-213) by Veronica Liu - issuu

Additional information ...

When artificial intelligence can't handle basic things

MJ: Where do you even fly out of?

Sci-fi_illustration Kája Saudek.jpg

David Bazan Listens to Joni Mitchell's 'Blue': 'Oh My God'

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Pink ombre roses crop. Just so ...

TV Too Dark



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Laura Fleming on Instagram: ““What is this feeling trying to tell me?