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Not usually a fan of the wirehaired but omg how CUTE dachshund

Not usually a fan of the wirehaired but omg how CUTE dachshund


Not usually a fan of the wire-haired but omg how CUTE!

He is sooooooo cute! This pic makes me so happy for no apparent reason! ;) # dachshund | Dachshund | Dachshund, Dogs, Wire haired dachshund

Wirehaired Wire Haired Dachshund Doxie | Cute puppy and dog

Our new Miniature Wire haired Dachshund.

Be sure you know the different types of dachshunds: Smooth haired, long-haired, wire-haired in standard, miniature, and toy sizes.

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wire haired standard dachshund puppies | Zoe Fans Blog

Wire haired Dixie puppy Doxie Puppies, Funny Dachshund, Mini Dachshund, Weenie

Dachshund (Wirehaired) Magnet

Black Brindle Wire Hair Dachshund

Not as cute as my Beanie- who is the cutest miniature wirehaired dachshund there is on the planet- but maybe I am biased?

I also decided that for the first part of his visit at least, I would maintain my own disguise as I wire haired.


Dachshund Gifts, Funny Dachshund, Wire Haired Dachshund, Weenie Dogs, Doggies, Cute

Four wiener dogs standing next to each other to show the color differences

Herbert the wire-haired dachshund sitting in the open door of the BMW i8 roadster

Miniature Wire-Haired Dachshund P*rn

miniature wire haired dachshund puppies for sale | Zoe Fans Blog

Two Wired Hair Dachshunds

Giant Dachshund?

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Photo of Dream A Dream Dachshunds - Hutto, TX, United States. Finley and

Dachshunds Wirehaired Are adorable!

PV: No no no, don't worry, we will only run photos you have agreed to. No costumes, I promise. It just seems like small dogs tend to get humiliated with ...

Be careful with a Dachshund's back when picking them up


Ashleigh's Thunder Shirt still helps her, even though it is in pieces now.

naughty wire haired dachshund #doxie Dachshund Puppies, Daschund, Dachshund Love, Weiner Dogs

"it's official - NEW VIDEO coming tomorrow where Oakley takes a crack at a @

... Photo of Dream A Dream Dachshunds - Hutto, TX, United States.

'Rocky' appears to be oldest wiener dog


341 Crossbreed Dogs That Will Make You Fall In Love With Mutts

“Why don't you go talk it over with a psychiatrist?” asked the longhair. “I can't,” replied the smooth. “I'm not allowed on the couch.”

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Candy the couch potatoe #dachshund #doxie #dogsofinstagram #weeniedog #cutie #couchpotato

8) Most Harnesses and Jackets You Find in the Pet Store Will Not Fit Your Dachshund

Herbert, a wire-haired dachshund on Camber Sands, East Sussex. His tail

wire haired dachshund in italy (found @ littlefriendsphoto.com) Dachshund Love, Daschund

Cooper the Wired Hair Dachshund

253 — Winter Workouts with the Big Moose… Keep Your Dog Fit in January | Pure Dog Talk

When mom leaves you for yoga...apparently she hasn't seen how

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Photo of Dream A Dream Dachshunds - Hutto, TX, United States ...

3 No to be confused with the word nein is the word mine which is a word dear to the heart of any Doxie. There are several simple rules which apply to ...

Dachshunds are burrowers by nature and are likely to burrow in blankets and other items around the house, when bored or tired : Awwducational

A picture of Herbert the wire-haired dachshund in the passenger seat of BMW i8

Crufts 2018: Meet the famous dogs making their way to the annual dog show - Daily Star

Dachshund Running

Once a noble working dog, the modern St. Bernard has been oversized, had its faced squished in, and bred for abundant skin. You will not see this type of ...

BATDOG and Robin Dog Costumes

OK, that's not Fred. That's Kobe, Pam's wire-haired dachshund puppy. He was adorable, though his style of playing, i.e. clamping his teeth on Hank's tail ...

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Best in Show Annual 2018

Simply amazing!!!

Great Dane Dogs And Puppies

Wirehaired Dachshunds in a queue.

It seems incredible that at one time the Bull Terrier was a handsome, athletic dog. Somewhere along its journey to a mutated skull and thick abdomen the ...

I knit one for myself, and the entire time I was knitting it, my smallest dog, Jellybean, was using the ball of yarn as her pillow.

Dachshund digging - it's their natural instinct.

4 The term Napoleon Complex was not coined for General Bonaparte but for one of the dachshunds he owned on the island of Corsica, who he referred to as ...

Photo of Urban Doggie Spa - Kirkland, WA, United States

Clover Creek Photography

The 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds Based on Biting and Fatality Statistics

Mita loves her Thundershirt

A Great Dane is truly a great dog breed — large and noble, commonly referred to as a gentle giant or as the “Apollo of dogs.

My Three Doxsons: Time to Shave the Wire Hairs Wire Haired Dachshund, Weenie Dogs

Dachshund Playing Together

... try it on my dog as I go along, but you've got to have patience and sometimes treats to get them to cooperate as you adapt the sweater to their body.

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i think it should count.

Leonardo, Maggie, and Joey

The Dachshund used to have functional legs and necks that made sense for their size. Backs and necks have gotten longer, chest jutted forward and legs have ...

#MiniDachshund #MiniatureDachshund #Dachshund

Promising review: "So very super cute! I know our daughter'

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Photo Credit: Unknown

PV: Silly. W: Oh that. Yes I can see how some might say that. It's my body, right?

Smooth Hair vs Wired Hair Dachshund

... you German Shepherd fans, Neuro, a FABULOUS seven month boy. A super dog with a very stable character. Will bark to dissuade unwanted visitors but not ...

40 Times Corgis Mixed With Other Breeds, And The Result Was Absolutely Pawsome | Bored Panda

@lakecompounce we're here in our @oscarmayer wiener mobile!!! #

Wire Haired Dachshund

... pretty fox Terrier who is easy and affectionate. Just over a year old, Nanou will be sterilised before adoption. Nanou needs a home where there are not ...

Zoey age Photo of Dream A Dream Dachshunds - Hutto, TX, United States

World Dachshund Day is a celebration of all things Dachshund. Dachshund fans and their dachshunds

Dachshund Puppies, Cute Puppies, Cute ...

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... sit on a seat on the bus or train but cannot always do it. So Mom decided to look into different carry on's for me and we found this amazing backpack.