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No means no It doesnt mean try harder to convince her sexed

No means no It doesnt mean try harder to convince her sexed


No means no. It doesn't mean try harder to convince her. #

There are many masturbation myths, like it's unhealthy and it's only for people who don

So true! You DESERVE someone who is comfortable with all of you and that includes

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Being sex positive doesn't mean you have to have sex. #sexpositive #

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Your Body, Your Choice. #sexed #sexeducation #sexeducator #sexpositive #sexpositivefeminism #becomingcliterate

Another way our culture prioritizes male sexual pleasure is with our language. We use the

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Kindle version of Becoming Cliterate on sale for $1.99 on Amazon until tomorrow. Get yourself the gift that keeps on cuming! #becomingcliterate # sexed # ...

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Sometimes we beat ourselves up for staying too long, for not reacting fast enough,

Period sex. Like regular sex, but messier (& I'm twice as

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i DiD SoMEtHinG StUPiD cutest dork pls don't let flop ac eulaphora dt

Who Killed My Father

#consent #getconsent #consentisnecessary #nomeansno #endrapeculture #rapeculture #sexualassault #sex #sexed #sexeducation #sexualhealth #safesex ...

Much sexual coercion is due to men being taught that “no” means try harder

Trans Activists Do Actually Want To Erase Biological Sex

A friendly reminder from @11th.principle.consent #conversationsonconsent #consent #boundaries

Consent isn't negotiable. If you have to convince someone, its not consent

[Page 168]When she answers the receptionist's question about her (presumed male) partner's name, Nicola does not explicitly correct the presumption, ...

Thierry Groensteen's Comics and Narration vs. Nathan Yau's DataPoints: Visualization That Means Something

... from your shared immediate environment, fuck their best friend in the whole wide world. They always have more to lose so they'll keep it on the DL.

[Page 168]When she answers the receptionist's question about her (presumed male) partner's name, Nicola does not explicitly correct the presumption, ...

What I've Learned from Cheating On People

Horatio stops to smell the rose bushes. Problem is they're not roses.

Man sitting on cliff looking out over clouds

15 Signs of a Toxic Relationship

& if you cant follow my no rules then you dont need to be around

Old Woman Praying

[Page 161]Although (some) researchers hope the interview can be an objective 'information-gathering' exercise, in which one person conveys the facts about ...

star school an intro to astrology for total beginners

Hey girl.

This gentleman, apparently, is experiencing health issues and may not be able to draft his report in a timely way.

#consent #getconsent #consentisnecessary #nomeansno #endrapeculture #rapeculture #sexualassault #sex #sexed #sexeducation #sexualhealth #safesex ...

(The orbiting nature of the sulcus is not clearly evident in a partially everted organ illustrated by Cope, 1895: pl. 24, figs 9, 9a.)


Some of us understandably struggle with the idea that a socially-constructed set of characteristics can be experienced as 'innate', but this is exactly what ...

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Audrey Hepburn moved through her movies like a mournful swan, unsure of her own beauty. For years she was the anti-Marilyn, the pensive garden princess ...

(Manually everted left organ of AMNH R-60691—not completely expanded but believed to be almost completely everted with minimal dimpling).

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SexEd Truth #5: If you love something, put it inside you, and

Sexed-up photos on their account: There's nothing wrong with showing a little skin on Tinder, and having a picture of you in a sweater next to a picture of ...


#consent #getconsent #consentisnecessary #nomeansno #endrapeculture #rapeculture #sexualassault #sex #sexed #sexeducation #sexualhealth #safesex ...

And the dose very much makes the poison.

December and Austin have the quintessential relationship, where no one would doubt their love or passion. But that doesn't always hold true, ...

No matter how good your security is, you'll still have users.

Realising that you're settling for crumbs with an aspect of your life is very

... who-does-not-identify-as-male ...

How Does this Monarch Female look Different from her Male Counterpart? Four photos that illustrate

Maps Events Events Sightseeing Restaurants Restaurants Cafés Nightlife NightlifeSightseeing ShoppingShopping Hotels Hotels Maps. Kraków No.

These were just a few of the at least sloppy, or or possibly even biased, headlines we found today. Iran's military drone flying over Israel is the heart of ...

... their heterosexuality: a woman self-identifies both as female and as married by using the courtesy title 'Mrs', as well as by referring to her 'husband' ...

Gigi Gets Sexed-Up

Getting some selections ready for #WorldBookNight tonight...! Reading keeps you mentally

The first assurance might be thought to be not specifically religious, or at least not theistically-religious. There might be -- it is epistemically ...


No, Postmodernism is Not Dead (and Other Misconceptions)

Just as I'm mid-way through another in-depth post I get stopped by something I can't ignore. The above 'post' has been making the rounds on Twitter ...

Georges Perec's The Art of Asking Your Boss for a Raise

#consent #getconsent #consentisnecessary #nomeansno #endrapeculture #rapeculture #sexualassault #sex #sexed #sexeducation #sexualhealth #safesex ...

Gonopore sexing technique allows determination of sex ratios and helper composition in eusocial shrimps

Being Special Isn't So Special · It's Complicated: Why Relationships and Dating Can Be So Hard

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... of two) for both cross-sex hormones and “top surgery,” on the taxpayer-funded Oregon Health Plan. What's next on TransActive's agenda? No letter at all?

Just because it's 'she', it doesn't mean she is always the

Christina Liu used the messaging app WeChat to recruit more than 3,000 members to her anti–sex ed protest group (Image: Luis Mora)

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Map 1.

Gendered signs of the sacred: contested images of the mother in psychoanalysis, feminism, and Hindu myth

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How to tell if a Tinder profile is fake2

I've missed you all. TAGS 🥀 Tijah ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽

This is helpful for writing, but also so true for the real world. Things

Couverture de Marked by Power

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The Midrash Mash image

It won't shock anyone to say that a great number of Christian movies, TV, books, websites, and more are pretty poor. And while there's much improvement out ...

From the Archives: Max Kozloff on Cubism's Ugly Figures, in 1972

To Have and Not to Hold Self Portrait by Daria Endresen

Part of me felt uncertain at first if Laing's method of invoking the figure of Kathy Acker was necessary for her to fictionally express a state of being ...


The Conceptual Ambivalence of Michel Houellebecq's The Map and the Territory

Ti Shan Hsu