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NASA picks SpaceX to crash rocket into hazardous asteroid and

NASA picks SpaceX to crash rocket into hazardous asteroid and


NASA picks SpaceX to crash rocket into 'hazardous' asteroid and redirect it

NASA picks SpaceX to crash rocket into hazardous asteroid and divert it

Here's the trajectory of the proposed SpaceX probe (main image) and the "moonlet

NASA and others are making elaborate plans to protect Earth from asteroids.

NASA Picks Falcon 9 Rocket for Launch of Asteroid Mission from Vandenberg AFB

The Bizarre Secret Story Of The “Mutiny” On Board A Space Station You Need

SpaceX news: NASA and Elon Musk team up for mission to CRASH into asteroid

NASA awards DART launch contract to SpaceX

This grainy simulated image (made from radar data) reveals the Didymos system, with

The trajectory of the proposed SpaceX probe.NASA. “

NASA asteroid tracker: An asteroid just shot past Earth at 26,500MPH

NASA has chosen SpaceX ...

This NASA Spacecraft Will Crash into an Asteroid to Test Earth's Defenses Against Space Rocks

NASA Chooses SpaceX to Launch Asteroid-Walloping Mission

Nasa wants to send up a DART probe to deliberately crash into the asteroid

... crash into the asteroidCredit: NASA. Here's what the probe – which is 12.5 metres wide – will look like with its

NASA has chosen SpaceX for a daring mission to crash into a "hazardous" asteroid's moon – knocking it off course. The rocket firm – helmed by Tesla chief ...

An extraordinary year of rocket launches, meteor showers, and space exploration is here. This is a 2019 calendar of space events you can't miss.

Impact craters like Manicouagan in Quebec, Canada, are rare, but NASA, other

Asteroid rendering

Mars boost: Successful launch for Elon Musk's reusable Falcon Heavy

After launching from California's Vandenberg Air Force base atop a Falcon 9 rocket in 2021,

Nasa recruits SpaceX to smash Falcon rockets into asteroids

SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket launches from the Kennedy Space Center on April 11, 2019.

NASA finds near-Earth asteroid ejecting particles from surface

NASA has awarded SpaceX a contract to crash a rocket into an asteroid at high speed, in an attempt to change its trajectory. The mission, called the Double ...

Tech & Science Twenty one years ago, NASA set out the goal of finding 90 percent of the asteroids and comets near Earth that were bigger than 3,200 feet in ...

SpaceX's Falcon 9 wins launch of an asteroid-attacking NASA spacecraft

This image is a close-up of an asteroid. There are a lot of

SpaceX launched CEO Elon Musk's personal Tesla Roadster as a dummy payload in the first launch

SpaceX successfully launches first 60 satellites in massive Starlink internet constellation

SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch February 6

NASA spacecraft arrives at ancient asteroid, its 1st visitor

A 320-Foot Asteroid Just Shot Past Earth On Its Closest-Ever Approach To


Falcon Heavy soars; SpaceX lands critical NASA double asteroid redirect launch

An artists's impression of SpaceX's new BFR mega-rocket on Mars. Photo: SpaceX

Asteroid Crash from space

The asteroid rush sending 21st-century prospectors into space

NASA asteroid WARNING: Odds of space rock 2019 DN hitting Earth today REVEALED

Bridenstine's comments come as NASA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other parties will conduct

How Armstrong and Aldrin planted British flag on moon during Apollo 11

SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket streaks into a starry sky Thursday night. Credit: SpaceX

A NASA scientist has said that to defend the Earth from dangerous asteroids is to detect

Credit: US Launch Report

Vesta asteroid, HST image Hubble Space Telescope, Global Awareness, Earth, Stock Photos

This mission will see a Falcon 9 hurl the Double Asteroid Redirection Test or DART spacecraft towards the small asteroid named 65803 Didymos in June 2021.

One year ago today: Falcon 9 launch of Zuma and first stage landing back at Cape Canaveral; one of my favorite images to date.

Asteroid-Sampling NASA Probe Gets 1st Look at Its Target (Photo)

Starman in Tesla and Ceres GETTY/SPACEX

Will Asteroid 2018 AJ hit Earth? NASA warns space rock on uncertain path with planet Earth

NASA exoplanet hunter TESS finds Earth dimension planet

SpaceX's Center Core Booster for Falcon Heavy Rocket Is Lost at Sea

These 14 radar images of Didymos and its moonlet were taken in November 2003 NASA

Artist's concept of Astrobotic's Peregrine lunar lander. Credit: Astrobotic

NASA Asteroid WARNING: This COLOSSAL asteroid will skim Earth TODAY

NASA has revealed it is closely tracking a whopping five asteroids due to skim past Earth tomorrow. The space rocks, which have been flagged as potentially ...

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will put NASA's DART mission into space in 2021 (Joel

Elon Musk in Cape Canaveral Feb. 2018

NASA has chosen SpaceX for a daring mission to crash into a “hazardous” asteroid's moon — knocking it off course. The rocket firm — helmed by Tesla chief ...

Asteroid Bennu is shown in this NASA photograph from December 2, 2018

It is expected to miss the Earth by 19,000 miles

This still image taken from a SpaceX livestream video showing Starman sitting in SpaceX CEO Elon

SpaceX COVER-UP? Videos resurface of live feeds being CUT 'as UFOs appear' on anniversary

SpaceX has successfully launched its Falcon Heavy rocket - Business Insider

Stopping an Earth-Bound Asteroid in its Tracks (Op-Ed)

Watch Japan's 1st Private Rocket Launch Into Space (Video)

NASA wants to get to the moon 'as fast as possible.' But countries like China and India are racing there, too.

Artist's illustration of a planet disintegrating in orbit around a white dwarf.

SpaceX to send two people around the moon who paid for a 2018 private mission

Few details available in early days of SpaceX accident investigation

While we had hoped to bring the booster back intact, the safety of our team always takes precedence. We do not expect future missions to be impacted."



An artistic rendering of the power and propulsion element needed for NASA's future Gateway space station

NASA commercial crew astronauts Victor Glover and Michael Hopkins walk out to their aircraft prior to

Sections SEARCH Skip to content Skip to site index Subscribe Log In Two years ago, NASA dismissed and mocked an amateur's criticisms of its asteroids ...

Nasa's OSIRIS-REx sits on a launch pad before a planned blast-off from

Last-minute glitch forces SpaceX rocket to cancel launch with 13 seconds left on countdown

'Self-driving' spacecraft may help save Earth from deadly asteroid strikes

NASA has chosen SpaceX to help out on its first-ever attempt to deflect an asteroid. The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) will blast off on a Falcon ...

Conceptual illustration of interstellar asteroid 'Oumuamua as it passed through the solar system after its

Once Sputnik 1 was successfully hurled into orbit in 1957, spaceflight was no longer a mere pipe dream reserved for the pages of fiction.

... "Of Course I Still Love You," after a successful launch and landing last week, when the SpaceX recovery team faced rough seas and was unable to secure ...

NASA asteroid Asteroid 2019 LA scrape Earth close approach NASA news

SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket, topped with the Arabsat-6A communications satellite, sits on

The Beresheet mission will be deployed into an elliptical orbit around the Earth by SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket, then use its own engine to raise its altitude ...

An artist's impression of Musk's BFR rocket on the moon. Photo: SpaceX via AP

Getting to Mars in five phases. An artist's concept of NASA's ...

Japan Is Testing Earth's Asteroid Defense System

Private space companies avoid FAA oversight again, with Congress' blessing

Elon Musk's personal Tesla Roadster was aboard SpaceX's Falcon Heavy and will now embark on an epic journey through the solar system.

The joint US-European Aida (Asteroid Deflection & Assessment) mission will crash a

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Engine Detail Poster - Launch Photography by Ryan Chylinski

Space debris in Earth orbit creates a dangerous obstacle course for satellites and astronauts. Credit: Dotted Yeti / Shutterstock.com