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Like most of the surviving XMen Storm was detained in the South

Like most of the surviving XMen Storm was detained in the South


Illustration for article titled 10 episodes that show how X-Men became the longest-

'X-Men' Fought A Battle For Serialized Storytelling 25 Years Ago–And Won


Uncanny X-Men Vol 5 14 Textless

Storm and her teammates

Wolverine and the X-Men

Ultimate Comics: X-Men

Marvel Legends


Left: Page detail from Uncanny X-Men #188 (Marvel, 1984). Right: LexiMomo as Cyclops (DeviantArt).

The entire X-Men roster as seen in the series finale.

Storm in Wolverine and the X-Men


Lehnsherr declares that he will no longer follow Xavier, and invites any of the mutants present to come with him. MacTaggart tries shooting him, ...

Despite powers being restrained, Jean makes contact with Scott briefly. (Uncanny X-


All-New X-Men

Alexandra Shipp as Storm in X-Men: Apocalypse

Magneto (Marvel Comics character).jpg

Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 271

The Ice Storm

Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 158

Avengers Rogue.jpg

Page detail from All-New Wolverine #2 (Marvel, 2015).


The 10 Best WildStorm Comics of All Time

The Perfect Storm: How Climate Change and Wall Street Almost Killed Puerto Rico

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We open with a re-do of the opening of X-Men, with young Erik Lehnsherr in Auschwitz in 1944, but this time we see that his bending of the gate after ...

X-Men Age of Apocalypse One Shot Vol 1 1 Textless

... but is attacked by Wolverine before he can do anything. Rogue then absorbs his powers and memories and the entire X-Men team flees to a ship ...

Official poster

Marrow Storm Marrow survived ...

A tropical storm is set to batter Queensland, making for an extremely wet and wild

X-Men, Iron Man and the Hulk in one film? Anything is possible since Disney's huge Fox buyout | South China Morning Post

I love the image because how many times have you ever felt like this in your life: packed like a sardine in the back of a room, tons of people (in this ...

The Morlocks would become frequent allies of the X-Men with Caliban being the most well-liked and most trusted friend. Unfortunately, that would not help ...

Hulu. “


Storm blasts apart the fire monster saving Wolverine. We learn that his new suit the brown and tan is made of fireproof unstable molecules like the suits ...

X-Men, Iron Man and the Hulk in one film? Anything is possible since Disney's huge Fox buyout | South China Morning Post

In the alternate future timeline Wolverine broke them out of the South Bronx Concentration Camp, and now the X-Men or what is left of them is heading to the ...

Page detail from The X-Men #1 (Marvel, 1963).

Chinese Actress Fan Bingbing Free After Detention (Report)

... timeline ...

Hulu Hulu

The Eye of the Storm

... in Greek means head of the household) was also able to “confiscate” Reed's family, taking Sue Richards as his wife and her children as his own.



A dust storm that swept over western New South Wales (pictured) is on its

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“Peace was never an option” — X-Men: First Class | Tor.com


The cover of the first issue of Agents of Atlas, Marvel Comics' five-



X-Men: Apocalypse


And you'd be forgiven for thinking that both you and Ellie were finally going to be forced wide awake by a brutal memory to puncture Ellie's almost ...

While this is not explicitly visualized it is formally created by the following page being one of the most impressive images of The Shield that we see ...


... seen in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the opening of The Last Stand, and the latter with Magneto and Xavier still friends and allies at that point).

Photos: Hulu

Reed Richards Is Useless

Today, as part of Vulture's Sitcom Smackdown, a three-week series to determine the best sitcom of the past 30 years, Julie Klausner pitted South Park ...

Just a few issues later, in Uncanny X-Men #178, Storm and the X-Men take on the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants while Mystique is sneaking into the X-Mansion to ...

Cover for X-Men: Legacy #210, art by David Finch.

Again as in most cameo appearances in other books the X-Men are busy in the Danger Room.

Deadly Genesis

Deadly Nightshade (Tilda Johnson) kicks Storm

... about one step above Rich Little or Dan Aykroyd doing a Nixon impersonation rather than actually acting as Nixon. It's a weak performance in a movie ...

... #1 (OF 5) -In the Age of X-man reality, someone or something is sewing seeds of discord that threatens everything! The source encouraging love and free ...


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Police charged a 40-year-old woman with murder after a baby was found


Page 45 is proud to present hundreds of swoonaway graphic novels – many of which you won't find elsewhere – for you to browse through, buy and then fondle ...

Major Spoilers Podcast #798: Lee Meriwether Gave Me A Zucchini from Major Spoilers Podcast Network Master Feed on RadioPublic

From the relatively humble beginnings of Phalanx Covenant, which was not a very good crossover, a few moments were etched indelibly into my eyes.

ABHAY: One of the reasons I wanted to talk to you about MULTIFORCE is that you're maybe one of the biggest computer game guys I know.


Illustration: Saksham Arora

'The Gifted' Is The Most Faithful X-Men Adaptation Ever

Namor as a member of Jean's X-Men

X-Men (Earth-616), X-Men (New Charles Xavier

They're all there; it's a dense book, crammed with as many words and lines Dorkin can fit onto the page. No square inch is left un-funny.

(McAvoy isn't aided by the script needing him to be rock-bottom at that point, so it's mostly Stewart being inspirational—which, luckily, the latter is very ...


Hasan Minhaj Interviewed by Vinson Cunningham from The New Yorker Radio Hour on RadioPublic

ABHAY: So, in our last little tete-a-tete, you said something like "When I started with Paul…his work and his ballsack were both an acquired taste for me.

BAGGED REPRINT: Johnny Woo: A Bullet in the Head - Gordon Rennie (w), PJ Holden, Patrick Goddard, Dylan Teague (a) JOINTLY GOVERNED BY THE BRITS AND ...

Again Wolverine is about to use his claws, and for the second time during the battle Storm stops him. She lists his abilities as speed, strength, ...

The cover of the first issue of Agents of Atlas, Marvel Comics' five-