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Kenta aka Cure Leaf From Elemental Nature Precure Characters

Kenta aka Cure Leaf From Elemental Nature Precure Characters


Kenta aka Cure Leaf! From Elemental Nature Precure! *Characters belong to… – interjectural-recom


Ray Tyrrell aka Cure Thunder! From

Kenta aka Cure Leaf from my Precure OC series, Elemental Nature Precure! # precure #prettycure #ibispaintx #digitalart #OCpic.twitter.com/JWWD36n6AR

1 Chilling Hoodie Kenta Based




Elemental Nature Precure colored and revamped of color scheme. Cure Leaf, Cure Thunder, Cure Petal, Cure Inferno and Cure Raindrop!

#kentaocs Instagram Posts

Redraw series! This time, redrawing my Street Fighter OC, Xilo! First created

Elemental Nature Precure: Episode 1 Character sheet!

Diverse Universe Precure Version 2! The theme is Diversity and Courage, and the motif

[SWIPE TO SEE EACH CHARACTERS!] Finally completed my artwork of Powerful Sports Precure

Elemental Nature Precure! Left to Right: (Cure) Inferno, Petal, Leaf

Sorry for the late post and sketchy lines, but... Precure Day was

Cure Dragonfly from Diverse Universe Precure!πŸ‰ #doodle#comic

Rosemary, a character from my fanmade Dance Central series~ She is a drag queen

[SWIPE TO READ THE COMIC PANELS!] Happy April Fools! Finished this within

Quick doodle in class Elemental Nature Precure Comic ep1 scene #doodle#comic#drawing

Tokyo Trip: Day 4 Primary school visit, with class observation, teaching practice and

My 11th Precure team has been completed with an additional mid season Cure! ✧*

Elemental Nature Precure Fight Scene! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ I'm frilled to

Here is the Diverse Universe Precure team celebrating CNY! (

Aloha Precure done! :)

[SWIPE FOR CIVILIAN FORM] New special Precure OC: Galena (meaning Healer or

Media by kentawong94

My fanmade Precures (Cure Petal, Cure Leaf and Cure Thunder)

And... Happy Halloween! A few hours late, but hey, lets

Go Princess Precure Fight! Cure Flora using Floral Tourbillon on Close! Who doesn'

I decided to give Cure Dragonfly aka Nicky his pose card too. The hero who

Cure Ballet transform concept; Precure MP3 and Transform ...

Media by kentawong94

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I can finally reveal the 2nd hero of my 11th Precure series, Diverse Universe Precure

Oriental Precure OC, Cure Bamboo Attack: Oriental Power, Bamboo Di-Zhi!

Happy Easter! Know Im late to the game, hey, at least its Easter

And here is Cure Beetle! Jagai's alter ego! A sumo who fights for the

01/38 Precure OCs Exhibition The Green Leaf of Protection, I Am Cure Leaf

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Media by kentawong94

My newest fanmade Cure Manga (2018) meeting my very first fanmade Cure Leaf (

My groupies for this Japan trip~ Thanks for making everyday surprising and fun! Many

Kenta is late for school! This is the artwork for the pre comic Im working

Just some Cure Heart doodles t o cheer me revisin~ looks like Cure Leaf fancies her

Cure Base doodle. Ending Battle with special attack! "Precure, Base Pitch!

04/38 Precure OCs Exhibition Burning Crimson Red Leaf, I Am Cure Inferno!

Tokyo Trip: Day 6 Visited a special school~ Debriefing reflection and Arcade games~

Luminous, Heartiel Action! Gag Comic~ *That attack has been growing in every

Cure Rugby and Cure Hockey from Powerful Sports Precure! They are arguably the first mature

WIP Elemental Nature Precure fight scene #digital#comic#drawing#illustration#evil

Kenta Eric Wong @kentawong94

Tokyo trip: Day 5 Visit to two High Schools that have good educational qualities and

Digitalized my 2nd Precure OC team, Precious Pet Precure! Cure Kitty a

05/38 Precure OCs Exhibition Showering Azure Blue Leaf, I Am Cure Raindrop!

Cure Inferno and Cure Raindrop Concept Pic done~

Finally, I designed Raiden's Precure form! As a part of Diverse Universe Precure,

Lawyer-Friendly Cameo

Best Anime Title of All Time

Author has written 22 stories for Kamen Rider, Rosario + Vampire, Naruto, Legend of Zelda, Sailor Moon, Oh My Goddess!, Tokyo Mew Mew, Ranma, Kingdom Hearts ...

The monster of the week for Precure Diverse Universe, the Conformist. This monster will

New Precure OC, Vincent aka. Cure Painter~ Tribute to "Vincent" Van

New Precure OC, Aaron aka. Cure Manga~ 🀣 Motif are art: Drawing

Poster Promo for my Diverse Universe Precure Battle Scene! Cure Dragon

Tokyo Trip: Day 3 Visited a joint Primary Kindergarten School. So fun observing classes

This is Sky Shes 18 #ibispaintx β€’ #gachalife β€’ #gachalifedit β€’#gachalifeeditor

Gosh, someone on FB drew my Precure OCs! ( ; 3 ; ) so

[SWIPE FOR VIDEO PROCESS] Artistic Precure Knights in action! #digital#comic


Devilman: Crybaby

My 2nd Precure OC team, Precious Pet Precure! (ΟƒΒ°βˆ€

Author has written 2 stories for Kamen Rider.

Tokyo Day 1: New Experience! Forgot to post yesterday, but the whole day

Does anyone do this kinda thinb too when they started using an art app? Because

In Dragon Ball Super: Broly for a brief moment the titular berserker's eye ...

Traditional Doodling in class. Cure Manga unleashing a special! "Precure, Art Attack

Cure Infini! FINALLY! 15 YEARS AND FINALLY a male Precure debuts!

Unknown Cures appear!

Tokyo Trip: Day 3 Visited a joint Primary Kindergarten School. So fun observing classes

Little Peggy XD - -#gacha #gachalife #gachaedit #gachaverse #gachalifeedit #

Author has written 48 stories for My Little Pony, Digimon, Transformers/Beast Wars, Naruto, Super Sentai, Spyro the Dragon, Sonic the Hedgehog, ...

Kimetsu no Yaiba

My 11th Precure team has been completed! ✧*。٩

Tokyo Trip Day 2: TGU Campus tour! A fun day at the TG University

Killer trade #saintseiya #saintseiyas #caballerosdelzodiaco

In the peaceful kingdom of Dowa, an organization called ACCA provides essential services (police, fire, ...

Author has written 15 stories for Naruto, Sailor Moon, Evangelion, Harry Potter, Kamen Rider, and Super Sentai.

List of Chibi Vampire chapters

The Hulk's Thunderclap it's so strong the force can ...

My 2nd Precure OC team, Precious Pet Precure! (ΟƒΒ°βˆ€

Pretty Cure


After a week of exam, finally drew something~ Cure Roller, with her Coaster

Wow!! beautiful artwork by @judy.william.940 πŸ‘πŸ˜ .

Hell Girl - Netflix

Bottersnikes & Gumbles - Netflix

My Pretty Cure OC from secondary school~ Lol doodled in class last wee

All my 38 PRECURE OCs! Dang, 10 years of Precure drawing and I'

Monster Strike - Netflix

gold saint β™ˆβ™‰β™Šβ™‹β™Œβ™β™Žβ™β™β™‘β™’β™“ #arieskiki