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In todays medical society we literally ignore the culprit of the

In todays medical society we literally ignore the culprit of the


In today's medical society, we literally ignore the culprit of the disease that might be the food we eat. These are the foods for specific body parts

All of this digital distraction is taking a toll on our intimate lives. Perhaps the biggest culprit of all is streaming video.

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Nor do we consider the goals and objectives of the provider, such as YouTube and Netflix (both of which want us to use their services as much as possible).

Book excerpt: Ben Sasse's 'Them: Why We Hate Each Other--and How to Heal' - ABC News

The general public is not stupid. They understand that many doctors are on the payroll of Big Pharma but are desperate to hide this fact.

Gallstones can run in size from littler than a grain of sand to bigger than a golf ball. As indicated by the American Medical Association, 80 per cent of ...

The Research (Click on each image to see each full study or download the slides as a PowerPoint presentation):




Methods of Technology Assessment | Assessing Medical Technologies | The National Academies Press

Bloodletting was all the rage

Results released in spring 2018 - To illuminate current attitudes about the likely impacts of digital life on individuals' well-being in the next decade and ...

In the novel 1984, written in 1948 , George Orwell presents a dystopian society that was intended to be a warning about the future of our world.

Hassan Nasrallah Hospitalized in Beirut?

Earth science as a philosophical background to medicine: an essay based on the autobiography of Dr Otto Sperling (1602–81)

Babies couldn't feel pain

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Bizarre things people used to believe about medicine

Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End

Food as Medicine: Preventing & Treating the Most Dreaded Diseases with Diet | NutritionFacts.org

The cost to sequence a whole genome has been plummeting impressively since 2007.

One of the culprits is the media. TV and movie depictions of meetings completely ignore the rules that define them, especially the Twelve Traditions.

Being a doctor isn't what it used to be – the Golden Age of medicine is dead. Yes, that's a pessimistic statement. And yes, I realize that this attitude ...



The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans

Psychology Today Magazine May 2017

There's also the ongoing statin controversy. These popular cholesterol lowering medications may have benefits in those with known cardiovascular disease, ...

NextND Confession, Part II: The Accreditation of Naturopathic “Medical” Education

We receive hundreds of messages every year from people who want to say thank you to our officers, staff, Specials and volunteers for a job well done.

Photo of the outside of the U.S. Havana Embassy Parking lot

What Doctors Learn in Medical School About Vaccines

Source: Alzheimer's Association. This relatively fresh perspective on ...

Forget About Decolonizing the Curriculum. We Need to Restore the West's Telos Before it's Too Late

Science AMA Series: We just published a study showing that ~97% of climate experts really do agree humans causing global warming. Ask Us Anything! : science

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Alicia Tatone

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My MS Is Getting to Be a Pain, Literally

An interview with G. Keith Smith

Did I just feed an addiction? Or ease a man's pain? Welcome to modern medicine's moral cage fight


Preventive Medicine Associates, PLLC

Wikipedia and Deepak Chopra: Open-Source Character Assassination | HuffPost

Opinion | Cannabis case puts hospitals on the spot | South China Morning Post

The Great Cholesterol Myth cover art

www.theictm.org It was nearly impossible now for anyone who valued his future

Life expectancy compared to healthcare spending from 1970 to 2008, in the US and the next 19 most wealthy countries by total GDP.

A Rare Disease? Or No Disease at All?

The pressure to fudge medical research findings



Anti-vaxxers have embraced social media. We're paying for fake news with real lives

September 12, 2017 – Faith & Society: The Subculture of Hate in America, White Racism with ...

'Submit to your husbands': Women told to endure domestic violence in the name of God

Silencing Women in the Name of Trans Activism

Minefield of Dreams: The Good Intentions that Harm Society

Here's what else I'm reading today .

Azari offers a helpful algorithm for clinicians and patients to approach suspected acute conjunctivitis:

... Figure 4: “The Big Footprint of Multiple-High

She wrote, “Much of the necessary knowledge is now available, but we do not use it. We train ecologists in our universities and even employ them in our ...

Please take a moment to ...

Kratom capsules are displayed in Albany, N.Y. An upstate New York coroner's classification of a

Preventive Medicine Associates, PLLC

In today's globalized society, you may be familiar or at least have heard of cultural appropriation and its relation to oppression and cultural respect.

Low UK breastfeeding rates down to social pressures over routine and sleep | Life and style | The Guardian

How to control dandruff & itchy scalp image

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Businessman Bribing Colleague In Office

24 May 2019 / News and Articles

Through Arts and Imagination: 2018 Youth Day Celebration - in search of silenced voices

It won't be the world's easiest read, but I hope you take the time to read every word. In 1977, Boston University epidemiologists (and husband and wife) ...

Students march against climate change on Rue de Treves in Brussels on 24 January 2019. Bence Damokos [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Image from page 208 of An illustrated encyclopedic medical dictionary. Being a dictionary of the

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These days, people are wary of carrying around smartphones in their pockets, and run for cover when microwaving their Hot Pockets. It's hard to believe that ...

The Earth is warming. Human carbon-dioxide emissions are one of the major culprits. We have known this for a long time. But in the past two decades, ...

Germaine Greer looks at the camera


- Bursting the Bubble of Marijuana Hype

While we all know that regular eye exams can help detect warning signs of disease and prevent vision loss, many people fail to seek medical attention when ...

The West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) has been tirelessly promoting the sustainability of civil society organisations (CSOs) for the last five ...

Someone Is in My House

TMHS 221: Real Solutions For ADHD And Staying Focused In A Hyper World - With Dr. John Gray - The Model Health Show

All work and no play makes Jack an anxious boy — literally. Isolating yourself erodes your health, and sitting in a chair all day is a recipe for neuroses.

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Medical mystery: For decades, she was told she was 'just anxious.' A midair incident uncovered the ...