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Good mail day Got my copy from rippedtoshredsdeathmetal if youve

Good mail day Got my copy from rippedtoshredsdeathmetal if youve


Contaminated's 5 Most Underrated Nasty Death Metal Releases

Chaos Plague come recommended to me by my good friend Teo from Chiral, and are a progressive technical death metal band from Italy. This five piece have ...


In the Name of True Death Metal

Tech-Death Tuesday: SINGULARITY and SCRAMBLED DEFUNCTS Make Symphonic And Shred Unite

We're now about to enter the final month of 2018, and that begins the final countdown to the end of the year (and the strengthening onslaught of the annual ...

Before we dive into today's focus, here's the usual reminder that if you're looking for more sick music, all prior editions ...

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Mail day from @dismalfaterecords #deathmetal #oldschooldeathmetal #deathmetalcassettes #dismalfaterecords

one of the coolest records on my collection and a perfect death metal album. hyperdontia - nexus of teeth. #hyperdontia #nexusofteeth #mesacounojorecords ...

Hyperdontia - Nexus Of Teeth This is without a doubt one of the hardest death metal

#metal #metalhead #deathmetal #hyperdontia #nexusofteeth #livemusic #festival #eternalwarfarefest #eternalwarfare. 5 days ago

... time whipping up a good ol' end-of-the-year list! And I gotta say, it's not exactly getting easier choosing who lands where on it. If you've caught my ...

Two of the best death metal albums released last year. Check out Outre Tombe-Necrovortex and Hyperdontia-Nexus of Teeth if you haven't yet.

scored this kickass album in the mail this week! its fucking gnarly. one of a few posts i'm about to dump of cool shit i got this week.

Eight Immortals Feast by Ripped To Shreds. Two tracks of killer, HM-2

This has basically been Exhumed's calling since their early days in the death metal tape ...

Transmission 77-69420: I have just returned from a long day on the moon

Das DE MORTEM ET DIABOLUM hat gleich vier neue Bands für das kleine Jubiläum in diesem Jahr bekannt gegeben.

such a surreal moment and a damn good show!! so fucking glad i got to see these guys live. #metal #deathmetal #deathcore #oceano #carnifex #diewithouthope ...

Science fiction influenced death metal is how everyone should start their day. If you are in need of the musical equivalent to the sci-fi epic, Alien, ...

These are my favorite heavy albums of 2018, in some kind of order. As usual, I am aiming for both quantity and quality with this list in an attempt to ...

RIPPED TO SHREDS - demon scriptures MLP black

Vale of Pnath - Accursed

140g black vinyl with picture print on Side-B Limited to 222 copies. Includes unlimited streaming of Crave For Killing via the free Bandcamp app, ...

Get your shit together Party Cannon. - Imgur Cannon, Death Metal, Funny Pranks

(Todd Manning prepared this review of the new album by Nocturnus AD, which was released late last week by Profound Lore Records.)

western evisceration tour t-shirts and "nexus of teeth" longsleeves that have been printed by @infernoscreenprinting will be available on tour! see you next ...

FACELESS BURIAL, "Multiversal Abattoir" (12"MLP, 2018). Melbourne

Hipster Black metal arrived at the stage where copying from Indie and Post Rock bands was no longer going to work and to distinguish themselves from the ...

Acranius - When Mutation Becomes Homicidal . #acranius #whenmutationbecomeshomicidal #slammetal #slammingbrutaldeathmetal #

... brutality into blackened death metal atmospherics. Very much reminds me of listening to Myrkskog, Angelcorpse, and Lecherous Nocturne back in the day.

Day Six | #vinylfantasychallenge | Best Artwork Hyperdontia - Nexus Of Teeth Clear With Red, Orange, White and Black Splatter LP - 100 copies Fetid, ...

"Vargtimmen Pt. 1" CD Re-issue. Pre-Listening:

Bubbling up from the sewers of New Zealand's disgustingly fertile Christchurch death metal scene is the criminally overlooked Torturor, and their self ...

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(TheMadIsraeli ...

Having been almost a year since I had first met the guys from Bloodrocuted, it was finally time for their turn to be crossed off the Shredder's List. After ...

I can't get enough of this fucking album! 2018 had too many hard


So here we go folks, with number 3 entry of my favorite death metal albums I present you to this excellent band Hyperdontia and their debut Nexus of Teeth.


really glad i picked this up. solid fucking sick ass death metal. do not sleep on this release. #hyperdontia #nexusofteeth #metal #deathmetal #osdm ...

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Sterling Lord Literistic Complete Children's Rights List by Sterling Lord Literistic - issuu

Litany is Vader's interpretation of the sound of a war. The production is loud and booming, and the double bass (to borrow from Phro) fucking thoomed like ...

A hardcore punk show at an arena that can hold over 19,000 people is not something you see very often... or up until this point... ever.

when mutation becomes homicidal. #acranius #reigninterror #dishonor #whenmutationbecomeshomicidal #slammingdeathmetal #

G.M of Barshasketh took us through 5 U.K Bands To Keep Your Eye On.

Hyperdontia 'Nexus Of Teeth' Oxblood LP |100| from @mesacounojo the full

Vinyl turned out looking great!! Official release in just 2 weeks from @pulverised

Limited to 100 copies. Includes unlimited streaming of Putrescent Remains of the Dead Ground via the free Bandcamp app, ...

Absolutely amazing in your face death metal. This does not have a stop button, it's just go go go from the beginning. If you've been sleeping on this ...

I highly recommend this,as there isn't a dull moment on here, more info on the flyer below on how to get a copy.

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rn #hyperdontia #nexusofteeth lp #mesacounojorecords @ danish #deathmetal #rockalbum #cratedigging #vinyljunkies

I received a special package from the Stargate Express today! Live Vitrification has landed!

Bono: This song means more to me than any other song on the album—maybe any other song we've ever written.

#decvinylworship Day 1. First record I listened to today... Hyperdontia - Nexus of Teeth. One of my favorite death metal albums this year, been in constant ...

Only have a few of these if anyone needs. DM me. I will have

Yet another early-mid 90's demo from the north-east US that seeks to do nothing but pummel the sorry-ass listener down into the sodden earth they're trying ...

Gorephilia severed monolith I'm happy I finally bought this it shreds #gorephilia #


The Black Market: The Month In Metal - December 2013

Got these bad boys the other day, Vile Apparition and Faceless Burial. Go check



Malevolent Creation - Malevolent Creation: Retribution [CD] - Amazon.com Music

Brand new tracks from #AccursedSpawn #RippedToShreds #Aoratos #AshenHorde #Draghkar #Meathook

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This year, I resolve to listen to more death metal. And what better way to start this new year with the new act, Oblivion. Oblivion has a very interesting ...


As always with these lists of mine, no download links 'cause it'd get this place shut down faster than you can say "You can probably find every single one ...

Finally got a decent priced copy of the Abhorrence 7" in the mail yesterday.

Pipes And Pints are definitely one of the better known Celtic-Punk bands around so it was a bit of a shock when I sat down to do this review that I realised ...

Sick mail day! #pungentstench #sickbizarredefacedcollection #dahmer #thestudiosessions #encoffinized #chambersofdeprivation #hyperdontia #nexusofteeth

#hyperdontia #nexusofteeth #mesacounojo #deathmetal #nowplaying


In Shadows and Dust

#1: Sorry for my absence. Not only is school way more demanding now that I'm actually trying to do well, but I've been listening almost exclusively to new ...

FECUNDATION, South Korea's most ambitious technical / brutal death metal duo, have been active since 2013.

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Cenotaphe, Lurker of chalice, Encoffination, Moenen of xezbeth, Ripped

Part 4 . Favourite Extreme Metal records. Randomly ordered. #deceasedband #ghostlywhite #

Black Sabbath are releasing an upcoming splatter vinyl box set of their entire original first run of albums with Ozzy Osbourne performing vocals.



I received 3 fucking amazing packages in the mail today and I have the feeling there