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Florian Gadsby on Instagram Up close with a dark green crackle mug

Florian Gadsby on Instagram Up close with a dark green crackle mug


Florian Gadsby on Instagram: “Up close with a dark green crackle mug. The

Florian Gadsby on Instagram: “White over dark green. I've not done much layering of glazes like this for a long time, I really like the surface although the ...

Florian Gadsby on Instagram: “A close up of the line and top half of a large ridged vessel some twenty-five centimetres tall. I'm annoyed at myself that I ...

Florian Gadsby on Instagram: “Yesterday I was asked in the comments by @hellokane, “I don't recall you mentioning it yet, but do you at some point decide ' ...

Florian Gadsby on Instagram: “As a ceramicist, a potter making hundreds of pieces, mug after mug, there's often one or two that come along that are simply ...

Florian Gadsby on Instagram: “The sides, tops and bottoms of my mugs. Stoneware coated with a handful of crackle glazes and reduction fired for the better ...

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Florian Gadsby on Instagram: “Dark green pots, parts of a small tea set

Florian Gadsby. Crackle glazed mugs in white, green and dark green with pulled handles. Made from a stoneware clay body and reduction fired.

Florian Gadsby on Instagram: “Up close with a dark green crackle mug. The handle still shows the grooves left by my thumb rather well as th…

Beakers piled up, surrounded by pourers, bud vases and some ink dip pens balanced

Thrown mug with a pulled handle, reduction fired to 1285ºc with a pale green glaze that pulls away from the rim to reveal the warmer tones of the clay iron ...

A little green jar coated with a green celadon glaze with a lid that sits down

... which accounts for the variations in colour and texture of each. #pottery #ceramics #clay #art #crafts #mug #vessels #handmadepic.twitter.com/4QjiCkefwo

Arguably the mug that started it all, at least this whole vein of work, a test of glazes and clay done way back during my time in Ireland during the final ...

A small bowl, crackled and bursting with a number of iron dots.

Florian Gadsby, two one off ridged vessels, thrown, turned and protrusion carefully attached. Dark green crackle glaze, reduction fir…

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All three of these mugs have the same glaze, the only difference being the atmosphere

Florian Gadsby

Florian Gadsby (@floriangadsby) • Instagram photos and videos

Two small pourers coated in a white and dark green crackle glaze. Thrown with 200

A stoneware beaker, taken from the ground, from mud, and transformed

White brush holder, water pot and palette set. All reduction fired pieces.

Florian Gadsby

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Florian Gadsby. Dark green crackle glazed bud vases.

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Florian Gadsby

An array of drawing and writing pieces, including two hand thrown pens with matching extruded · Florian Gadsby

... #ceramicist Florian Gadsby @floriangadsby #floriangadsby #ceramic #celadon #britishmakers #appliedarts #stonewear #3d #cup #contemporary #form #design

Large mugs by Florian Gadsby.

4,854 4ヶ月前

Florian Gadsby. Blue nuka mug that wasn't quite fired hot enough, leaving it whiter than usual.

A teapot upon a flat thrown dish and four small bowls. All thrown with a


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Pourers thrown in a few different sizes, coated with feldspathic glazes that are reduction fired. Florian Gadsby

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Florian Gadsby

by Florian Gadsby... #repost @floriangadsby #floriangadsby #nacitopak

Florian Gadsby

Florian Gadsby. Teapots and flat plates, stoneware and green crackle glazes and eggshell white.

Bowls coated in a variety of crackle glazes, rims bright and bleeding

gadsbyjulietmacleod2016. Small gas-fired stoneware bowl with feldspathic green crackle glaze, by Florian Gadsby

florian gadsby

by Florian Gadsby... #repost @floriangadsby #floriangadsby #nacitopak

Florian Gadsby, ink dip pens, inkwells and pen rests. Stoneware, reduction fired


A thickly glazed dark green mug, thinly thrown and fired in a reduction atmosphere for a relatively short twelve hours, in comparison to…

Florian Gadsby

Maria Sultanova 🎨 Illustrator (@epine_art) • Фото и видео в Instagram

Jul 6 to shop - instagram pottery inspirations

Dinner plates from the back and front, followed by a picture of the

Pots laid out in the studio. After cooling down inside the kiln all night they


Slip cast parian cup by Natalie Wood, with illustration by Kirsti Beautyman

A blue nuka inkwell in various states. The first photographs shows it fired, vitrified · Florian Gadsby

Florian Gadsby. Small store jars, lids off, fired together with small waddings between to keep the glazes from fusing. #pottery #ceramics #clay #craft ...


A small teapot upon a thrown disk glazed with a dark green guan-type glaze

Florian Gadsby ❤ @floriangadsby #floriangadsby #ceramic #ceramics #yunomi #teabowl #pottery #pot #potter #studiopottery #clay #glaze #instagood ...

An ever changing selection of photographs from my Instagram feed. You can also find more pictures on my Pinterest, so please follow along there too!

Wood fired mug with black glaze, Wheel thrown stoneware pottery mug with rustic surface

Two sides of the same bowl coated with a pale green crackle glaze that


Recently fired beakers in either my white, green or dark green crackle glaze alongside a

Florian Gadsby (@floriangadsby) • Instagram photos and videos

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Florian Gadsby

Angela Venarchik on Instagram: “Texture and touch are just as important as form and function. When they all come together it truly is something special.

153 Likes, 57 Comments - Mollie Jenkins Pottery (@molliejenkinspottery) on Instagram:

I came away with this gorgeous Chrysanthemum mug, but deciding was very difficult as there was so much to choose from…

Beakers by Florian Gadsby. Crackle glazes in three varieties and reduction fired. Thrown with 270 grams and pulled to 14.5cm tall by 8cm wide.

Florian Gadsby on Instagram: “A collection of hand thrown bowls, each with very simple, feldspathic crackle glaze. The slight changes in colour, from ...

Group of bowls with crackle glazes of various percentages of iron oxide to determine color range. © Florian Gadsby - See more at: theartofplating.c.


All photos are from my new Instagram, which I'm just having so much fun right now. Please come and have a look if you are Instagram friend! xm

Florian Gadsby on Instagram: “One of the more lovely tan mugs to emerge from our recent firings. My absolute favourite soda fired pots are those that show a ...

Earthenware slipware mug decorated with cobalt and iron oxide, by Adrift Pottery

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Florian Gadsby. Glazed mugs waiting to be fired.

floriangadsby. Bowls from beginning to end.

Gaeun kiln (@gaeunyo) • Instagram photos and videos I follow him on Instagram and I'm in love with his work.

Florian Gadsby media on instagram

Dark green crackle glazed bowls, Florian Gadsby

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Porcelain, wood fired bowl with lithium glaze liner, by Patricia Shone


Florian Gadsby. Green storage jar, vase and bowl, hand thrown, glazed with guan-type glazes and reduction fired.

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Olga Khasanshin (@yaglyna) в Instagram: «Випал з золотом пройшов успішно . Дякую усім хто мотивує мене розвиватися . . . Завтра…»

Florian Gadsby crackle glazed pots and Luke Hope, (@hopeinthewoods), Sycamore spoon

Mugs in various glazes, different shades of green, white and a single blue nuka

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Céramique Florian Gadsby

Florian Gadsby on Instagram: “I can't thank you all enough for the lovely messages, emails are support this last week you've given regarding my recent shop ...