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Cornish Spider Crab Carapace Cabinet Curiosity Display Taxidermy

Cornish Spider Crab Carapace Cabinet Curiosity Display Taxidermy


Cornish Spider Crab Carapace Cabinet Curiosity Display Taxidermy Ebonized Stand #Kuriology

Weird Horseshoe Crab Stylized Display Art Sculpture Odd Curiosity Non- Taxidermy

Nautilus Pompilius with Tentacles Faux Taxidermy Shell Kuriology Art Sculpture #Kuriology

Weird Horror Species Art Display Sculpture Unusual OOAK Insect Non-Taxidermy

Handmade Paper Mache Weird Halloween Hand Monster Claws Gothic Horror Display

Demon Devil Skeleton REALLY WEIRD Odd Faux Taxidermy Curio Unusual Figure Statue #Kuriology

Skeleton Bird Cabinet Curiosities Goth Folk Art Horror Sculpture Non- Taxidermy

Weird Faux Taxidermy Laboratory Specimen Unusual Cabinet of Curiosities Thing


Blue Mountain Hare (Lepus Timidus). Fine Taxidermy Specimen, mounted.

Squid Figure Marine Sea Life Sculpture Non-Taxidermy Weird Steampunk Kraken


Weird Bug Display Figure Creepy Crawly Sculpture Beetle Insect Non-Taxidermy

Superb Taxidermy/Stuffed Calling Sika Deer Stag Head, Neck & 6 Point Antlers

Squid Octopus Kraken Cephalopod Weird Steampunk Faux Taxidermy on Wood Stand

Weird Steampunk Vampire Anatomical Sacred Heart Vintage Letter Opener on Stand

Antique Style Fungi Mycology Cabinet Curiosities Display Non-Taxidermy Exhibit

Fulmar Bird Skull Taxidermy Curiosity Cabinet Art Curio5

Squid Kraken Figure Cephalopod Marine Faux Taxidermy Steampunk Art Sculpture #Kuriology

Bird skull taxidermy mount in glass dome mini curiosity display. Cruelty free

Large Roe Deer Head with Velvet Antlers Taxidermy Shoulder Mounted on Shield

Extinct Species Cornish Moor Dumpling or Potatoe Tortoise Figure Non Taxidermy

Taxidermy Piranha Fish 18 cm Mounted Carnivore Curio Curiosity Cabinet Animal

Carp Fish Figure Exhibit Course Fishing Sculpture Replica Taxidermy Man Cave Art #Kuriology

Weird Steampunk Creepy Gothic Dead Valve Arachnid Spider Figure Non- Taxidermy

Weird Bug Display Figure Creepy Crawly Sculpture Beetle Insect Non-Taxidermy #Kuriology

Cornish Spider Crab Carapace Cabinet Curiosity Display Taxidermy Ebonized Stand. £20.00 0 Bids 6d 12h. See Details. Rare! Taxidermy Mouse Baby Prince ...

Faux Coco de Mer or Bum Nut Weird Bizarre Contemporary Interior Decor Art Object

Nautilus Cephalopod Shell Curios Faux Taxidermy Paper Mache EcoArt Sculpture #Kuriology

Real crow skull picture display Wicca goth pagan Curo taxidermy bird

Huge Vintage Taxidermy French Wild Boar Head/Shoulder mount on shield


Tea party on a Japanese spider crab. I love the fish man lurking in the

The left head was from another specimen entirely, which the taxidermist had meticulously attached to an already-prepared stuffed kestrel from Victorian ...


THE BRITISH ACADEMY OF TAXIDERMY A Division of The Last Tuesday Society We have been teaching

... Huge Vintage Taxidermy French Wild Boar Head/Shoulder mount on shield 6

Scientists discover 'jellybean' spider on Darling Downs

Wanderings in South America, the North-west of the United States and the .




Bar Three, Spitalfields

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Busy day working on this lot #lepidoptera #entomology #coleoptera #phasmid #papilio

Real Victorian gothic style crow skull picture display Wicca taxidermy bird

Global Biodiversity Collections: Becoming Part of the Open Data Community

Testament to the skills of an extremely accomplished taxidermist, the two-headed kestrel that is lost no longer (© Dr Karl Shuker)


#oddityreport #oddities #curiosities #darkart #humanskulls #humanbones

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If you enjoy looking at curiosities or taxidermy or strange museums in general than the Viktor



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Taxidermy Exotic Blue CRIMSON ROSELLA Parrot Parakeet Bird / Oddity Curiosities

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Yet another of Andrew's beasts supplied with a plenitude of tentacles is the Crawler. Dorsally, its crenulated external surface recalls that of a woodlouse, ...

NatSCA Digital Digest – December

Cave dwellers, Downderry, near Seaton, Cornwall. These folk were mostly Irish people

Where London May 2019


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The tiny post office displayed sheets of the newly issued stamps containing the iconic photo of the National Museum of African American History and Culture.


A pair of blue tiger butterflies I just finished I might keep this one 😊🦋

Animal physiology. Physiology, Comparative. 330 LUMINOSITY OF INSECTS. beneath the hinder .

cva 586-7267 - shell oil co., stock exchange bldg., seymour

Tile by Nature in Peterborough - Contractors, Parking, Tiling Services - , & 1 Photo - Hours, Phone Number - Peterborough, Ontario

Louise McNaught

This comment section is open for any non-work-related discussion you'd like to have with other readers, by popular demand. (This one is truly no work and no ...



Over Under, Earl's Court


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I was planning to see Slingshot Dakota back in the summer of 2016. They were doing a show with VoirVoir a Bethlehem band that I really like.

The dead bodies of Mussolini Benito, his mistress Claretta Petacci and other executed Fascists on display in Milan, 1945.

Disney Pixar Finding Dory Plush Stuffed Toy Bean Bottom Sea Creature 4" X 6"

A side view of an adult elephant seal's face

Aldrovandi's drawing of an alleged amphicephalous lizard