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Bitch its still ableist omfg MOGAI false identities Bad puns

Bitch its still ableist omfg MOGAI false identities Bad puns


Bitch it's still ableist omfg

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lajsjajvshnshdussh im f u c k i n done :) I have a name, Yes · MOGAI false identities

MOGAI false identities · Image result for mogai flags

MOGAI false identities · No it's called normal fucking non MOGAI human jfc

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MOGAI false identities · Bad Puns, Cringe, Adult Humor, Bullshit, Jokes, Chistes, Jokes Quotes

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IM AN ICEGIRL IM A FROSTBOY IM A COLDENBY. I have a name, Yes · MOGAI false identities

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From Reddit on August 12, 2017: No, Matyas_, you did NOT quit smoking recently if you still smoke when you go out and drink. You should look up the meaning ...

I know that LDRs are a thing, but just say that it's the person whom you live with! Also, SearedScallops seems to be involved in more than one relationship ...

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I literally had a conversation with my previous gf about adopting all the queer kids I

Technically, it's the one who requested the date who is supposed to pay, as

21 Hilarious Tumblr Posts To Read When You're Bored In Class

47 Posts That Are Injected With Dangerous Levels of Bone-Chilling Cringe

The part about the kid dying is horrific, but seriously - the things people will twist to fit their ideas. Confirmation bias at its finest.

Otherkin | The Cringe Channel - Part 5 Otherkin Cringe, Sjw Cringe, Cringe Channel

Keep eating minerals boi, I'll just sit back and watch you shut down

bitch what the fuck. Wild Animals, Cute Animals, People Tumblr, Rawr

Social Justice Topics, Everything Funny, Pro Choice, Equal Rights, Tumblr Posts,

I can't understand half of the things he's saying. Is otherkin another language

The fuck it is 🙄 Otherkin Cringe, Bad Puns, Adult Humor

If it's not about you, don't make it about you. Let LGBT

For thousands of years Queer people in North America were accepted and respected among many Indigenous

When I'm passing another coworker in the aisle and am like "Hello how

WARNING: Very graphic please don't read if you're triggered by serious

Actually! There is specific terminology for people attracted to female or male genitalia, though

Otherkin | The Cringe Channel - Part 8 Otherkin Cringe, Sjw Cringe, Bad Memes

also ableist and acting like non-marginalized people don't make their own safe spaces in things like suburbs with high housing prices, avoiding "bad ...


Tumblr | The Cringe Channel - Part 2>>>Jesus no real

There's No Way You Won't Laugh At One Of These 100 Tumblr Posts

I would enjoy this as aesthetic poetry if it wasn't about that otherkin bullshit

I still love this man. Unabashedly. - Why Obama calls himself a

i love when people tell queer kids that they're too young to determine their sexualities but they NEVER question kids who identify themselves at straight

Omygod really? these are the tags?! (saving this to book things because

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I really kind of want to meet a transgender person because I have a lot of

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I have this but I don't know wants its called so I can get

Such a cute pun! And honestly, a lgbt+ coffee shop would be awesome.

@itty.bitty.gaybiess on Instagram: “im really tired like really hella tired , i woke up at 4:30 am ( i try to do that everyday ) to finish up on whatever ...

A reflection to cringe hard to

Feminism, Real Life, Practical Life

Attack Helicopter, Genderqueer, Lgbt Community, Ftm, Morality, Pro Choice, Intersectional

17 People Who Are Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very Smart


if you say trans people who haven't had any surgery related to gender at

I'm starting to wonder if America actually exists, nevermind Texas.

50 shades is the worst fucking thing tbh

Cis people wonder why trans people are obsessed with their gender identity and then go ahead and make FOOD that says girls or boys food like wtf?

"You are still trans/nonbinary/genderfluid even if you are 100% okay

Why tho <

I actually wanna cry real Jesus tears < < < so this is for cisgender people that think cisgender people are bad for not being a minority

God forbid content creators be seen as actual people instead of content machines, regardless of

I do have to say, when I've heard the argument it's not legitimately

to all my peeps who identify as such and are often forgotten when talking about the

Stop attacking nonbinary people who describe their genders in abstract, flowery terms. Actually, stop attacking nonbinary people in general.

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I personally don't support being trans, because I believe it perpetuates gender roles

I love yaoi < < Gay men arent yaoi. They're real living human beings < < < stop all yaoi fangirls 2k17 < < < stop fetishizing gay men 2k17 they aren't your ...

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That is absolute genius! Once again Japan is the best! Japan Meme, Japan

DoodleBug Comics

I really wanna go to Pride, but my country is still very conservative. There's

3-Minute Theory: What is Intersectionality

I'm straight and I find this hilarious <

just like if a Buddhist were to go up to a Christian and say "your

"You'd be furious! But this doesn't even begin to compare

As long as everybody involved is happy it doesn't concern anybody else. < < healthy polyamorous can be more than 3 people btw

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I'm just,, Ive lost my ability to form a coherent sentence after seeing this,,

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Instagram post by The Queenie of Social Justice • Apr 24, 2017 at 1:45am UTC

Imagine if it was down with trans day. Y'all would freak the fuck

It's so hard explaining that I'm trans but I'm not a boy, I'm non binary. <

Honestly, I hadn't thought of this. God, how do you not

race is heavily involved in how we perceive different acts of violence. what ALL these

Pansexuals are friends but do not have any of their own Funny Cute, The Funny

The 21 Realest Tumblr Posts About Identifying As Asexual

AW! also penguins dont particularly care if theyre gay cause homosexuality isnt really a term

Haha...what the fuck< Losing Hope, Something Bad, Make You

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Omg this happened at my school except it was a lockdown and we thought it was

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what>>>no no nonononononono trans is not part of youre gender its an

Drag Queens Aren't Good Around Children

16 Weird, Funny, Or Sweet Tumblr Posts I Saw This Week - Shenhuifu Tumblr

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