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30 countries face higher resource nationalism risk report

30 countries face higher resource nationalism risk report


Specifically, the RNI report names Russia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as the two notable movers on the list, with both being downgraded to ' ...

India and Thailand surge in resource nationalism ranking


Along with strikes and bad weather that cause “force majeure” (temporary halting of operations), resource nationalism is another factor affecting the copper ...

Copper grades have declined about 25% in Chile in the last decade - highlighting the urgent need for grassroots exploration to arrest the trend.

Nationalist policies and regulatory uncertainty are making miners rethink doing business in some countries.

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Gold hit a 10-month high just shy of $1,350 an ounce, copper was the highest it's been for seven month, trading at $2.92 a pound, and iron ore extended ...

Allianz forecasts rebound for Asia's insurance markets

A total of 30 countries have witnessed a significant increase in resource nationalism risks over the last year, including 21 major producers of oil, ...

Usually labor disruptions can be counted on to de-rail the pessimistic predictions of analysts who often forecast an oversupplied copper market ...

'Resource nationalism' clouds China's Africa ambitions

Is Resource Nationalism A Threat To The Mining Industry?

In 2017, the East African nation accused the London-listed gold miner of under-reporting output at its three mines and banned it from exporting powdered ...

Ifrima plans academic study to back global programmes campaign

This is reflected in Verisk Maplecroft's Resource Nationalism Index, in which Indonesia scores 4.01/10.00 and is categorised as high risk in 2019-Q2.

Mongolia - Oyu Tolgoi - The processing conveyor under construction is seen at the Oyu Tolgoi

Whether countries each chart their own course in areas like this, or instead align around shared approaches, could have important implications for the ...

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Illegal Mining drc

Japan's diplomatic efforts for Food Security

In this 3D rendering of the Progeso VII mine situated nearby and above the town of San José del Golfo, you can see the mining earth disturbances and series ...

Environmental risks now dominate the 10-year outlook in our annual survey. This year they accounted for three of the top-five risks by likelihood and four ...

Carbon Risk and Resilience

Turkey's 'New Nationalism' Amid Shifting Politics

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Flare-up of resource nationalism burns miners across Asia

[47] Ibid.

Top 10 riskiest places to be a miner*

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Exemplar Countries and Checklists for Instability

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Conflict in the Great Lakes Region

Source: Companies' annual reports, U.S. Energy Information Administration, author's calculations.

What rising resource nationalism in Africa means for mining investors


BMI Research noted in June 2018 that refiners, particularly in China, will have a hard time securing zinc concentrate, due to zinc mine production ...

Resource nationalism is already evident in the oil and gas industry, in which 11 of the top 12 enterprises, ranked according to ownership of proven oil and ...

ASAP Chlorpyrifos Induction of Testicular-Cell Apoptosis through Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species and Phosphorylation of AMPK | Natural Resources ...

US-China trade war and changing world order top business risks in 2019: Control

Central bank buying, Q4 2018, World Gold Council.

Resource Abundance and Economic Growth: Major Schools of Though

China's slowdown is miners single biggest fear in 2019 — report

Ecological Footprint per person and HDI of countries by world regions (2014) and its natural resource consumption

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Occasionally, resource nationalsim is take to such as extreme that it results in outright nationalisation; but this is the exception to the rule.

The Geopolitics of the Modern Resource Boom

Natural Resource Wealth and Export Concentration in Resource-Rich Developing Countries, 2001-2010

40 more maps that explain the world

[47] Ibid.

... 9. M anagement S U M M A R YProducing countries ...

Nation State: Definition, Examples & Characteristics

Today ...

Energy self-sufficiency rate in major countries

Is Africa the new Eldorado for capital investors?

Resource nationalism, production cuts denting copper supply

Energy and peace: the dangers of our slow energy transition | openDemocracy

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EY – Top 10 risks

New PNG leader drops a nationalistic gauntlet

The Report Report is a monthly wrap-up of recent research on sustainable business and clean technology, produced by Corporate Eco Forum, a by-invitation ...

Very rarely, a government may apply a tariff to exports of an item which is a valuable national resource, in order to deter exports and maintain domestic ...

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Since then, Thailand has become a less safe place to invest in minerals, according to a resource nationalism risk ...

Chinese Nationalism: The Dog That Barks in the Night

Marsh assigns regional, specialty and placement teams ahead of JLT acquisition

Human Development Index (HDI) in Resource Economies, 2013 Countries Grouped According to Their Rankings in Three Reports Measuring Institutional Strength ...

.1 Gellner's typology of nationalism-inducing and nationalism- thwarting situations .

ASAP Chlorpyrifos Induction of Testicular-Cell Apoptosis through Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species and Phosphorylation of AMPK | Natural Resources ...

Companies experience increased production costs, delays, and complex, unpredictable conditions that complicate oil production and reduce profits (see table ...

Decolonization and Nationalism in Indonesia, Vietnam, India & Pakistan

... again looking to invest in regions where political instability, corruption and resource nationalism are commonplace. Credit: Courtesy of Alchemist-hp. "

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Chart showing - Estimated Change in Working-Age (15-64) Population 2015

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Tanzanian President John Magufuli reviews an honor guard on Dec. 9, 2017, as

Global political risks pose growing threat to companies

The majority of countries in the world have both wind and solar capacity, and all

Steinbeis Center for Energy Technologies increased its visibility by achieving a milestone: The paper on "Evaluation of Electricity Generating System's ...

On top of the geological and resource risk are country and political risks: explorers must go where the right geology and diamonds can be found, ...

How to Build an Autocracy

Chart showing Changes in Real Income by World Income Percentiles (at Purchasing Power Parity)

Unmasking Modi

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Already a number of OECD regions are facing challenges in pumping water out of the ground. A quarter of surveyed irrigating regions in the OECD that use ...

China and India are backing the beleaguered Aung San Suu Kyi government, in contrast to

Indonesia will struggle to attract enough downstream investment to justify ban. Aside from resource nationalism ...

Report: Palm Oil and Biofuels